Routledge Handbook of Islamic Ritual and Practice  book cover
1st Edition

Routledge Handbook of Islamic Ritual and Practice

Edited By

Oliver Leaman

ISBN 9780367491239
Published June 9, 2022 by Routledge
554 Pages 14 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

Ritual and practice are one of the most distinctive features of religion, and they are linked with its central beliefs. Islam is no exception here, and this Handbook covers many aspects of those beliefs and practices. It describes the variety of what takes place but mainly why, and what the implications of both the theory and practice have for our understanding of Islam. The book includes accounts of prayer, food, pilgrimage, mosques, and the various legal and doctrinal schools that exist within Islam, with the focus on how they influence practice.

The volume is organized in terms of texts, groups, practices, places, and others. An attempt has been made to discuss the wide range of Muslim ritual and practice and provide a sound guide to this significant aspect of the religious life of one of the largest groups of believers in the world today.

Table of Contents

Introduction Oliver Leaman


Chapter 1: The Qur’an: Ritual, Practice, Embodiment and Culture Natana J. DeLong-Bas

Chapter 2: Hadith Mansur Ali


Chapter 3: The Hanafis Hamza Dudgeon

Chapter 4: The Hanbalis: the Later-Generation and the development of the mu‘tamad opinions Jewel Jalil and Saud al-Sarhan

Chapter 5: Malikis Delfina Serrano-Ruano

Chapter 6: Salafi Ritual Law and Practice Richard Gauvain

Chapter 7: The Shafiʿis Nuha Alshaar

Chapter 8: Shi‘i Rituals and Practices Liyakat Takim

Chapter 9: The Ismailis: History, Doctrines and Ritual Practices Shiraz Kabani

Chapter 10: Ibadis Adam Gaiser

Chapter 11: Ritual Practices among the ʿAlawis, the Druze, the Ahmadis, and Black Muslims Fachrizal Halim

Chapter 12: Sufis: Invoking God’s name and the Practice of Dhikr Raid al-Daghistani

Chapter 13: Returning to God: Constructing Agency Through the Practice of Dhikr in Sufi Islam Feyza Akova


Chapter 14: Prayer Stephen Burge

Chapter 15: Language, Ritual and non-Ritual Prayer: Salat and Do’a Niloofar Haeri

Chapter 16: Qur’an Recital Lauren Osborn

Chapter 17: Ramadan Herman Beck

Chapter 18: Mawlid Andrea Stanton

Chapter 19: Circumcision Shazia Moosa, Mahnoor Nawab, Hira Zuberi, Lubna Samad

Chapter 20: Halal Slaughter John Lever and Awal Fuseini

Chapter 21: Tahara Serdar Kurnaz

Chapter 22: The Social Dynamics of Khulʿ: The Experience of German Muslims Mahmoud Jaraba

Chapter 23: Islamic Fashion Heather Akou

Chapter 24: Young adults: Fueling Young Muslim Adults’ Religiosity by Connecting Islamic Beliefs and Practices across their Development Mona Abo-Zena and Abdul-Malik Merchant


Chapter 25: Sacred space Simon O’Meara

Chapter 26: Sacred spaces: adaptation and early Islam Essam Ayyad

Chapter 27: Twelver Shi‘a Pilgrimage – Ziyara Ingvild Flaskerud

Chapter 28: Ziyara (ʿAlawi Ritual and Practice) Amelia Gallagher

Chapter 29: The Qibla: Ritual Orientation in the Formation of Islamic Collective Identity Ari Gordon


Chapter 30: Animals as Agents? A Qur’anic View Asmaa El Maaroufi

Chapter 31: Heresy or Moral Imperative? Islamic Perspectives on Veganism Zinnira Shaikh

Chapter 32: "Islamic reformism": colonial influence on Muslim intellectual practice Mohamed Amine Brahimi

Chapter 33: Qur’an, Rituals and Muslim Memory of Jews Mehnaz M. Afridi

Chapter 34: Muslim attitudes to Christian ritual and practice Clinton Bennett

Chapter 35: Interfaith Practices Elizabeth Becker

Chapter 36: Ritual, Embodiment and Creativity in the Muslim Diaspora: Transnational Migrations and Symbolic Returns Pnina Werbner

Chapter 37: The Secular World Ufuk Topkara

Chapter 38: Rituals, equality, and difference Oliver Leaman


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Oliver Leaman writes on philosophy and religion, and his latest book is Islam and Morality, 2019.