1st Edition

Routledge Handbook of Major Events in Economic History

Edited By Randall Parker, Robert Whaples Copyright 2013
    480 Pages
    by Routledge

    480 Pages 76 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

     The Handbook of Major Events in Economic History aims to introduce readers to the important macroeconomic events of the past two hundred years. The chapters endeavour to explain what went on and why during the most significant economic epochs of the nineteenth, twentieth and early twenty-first centuries and how where we are today fits in this historical timeline. Its short chapters reflect the most up-to-date research and are written by well-known economists who are authorities on their subjects.

    The Handbook of Major Events in Economic History was written with the intent of presenting the professional consensus in explaining the economics driving these historical events.

    Part 1: World War I and the Pre-World War I Era  1. First and Second Bank of the United States Eric Lomazoff  2. The Panic of 1873 Elmus Wicker  3. Gold Resumption and the Deflation of the 1870s Pierre Siklos and Richard Burdekin  4. Great Merger Wave Anthony O’Brien  5. The Panic of 1893 Mark Carlson  6. The Panic of 1907 Ellis Tallman  7. The Founding of the Federal Reserve System Mark Toma  8. World War I Jari Eloranta  9. The Classical Gold Standard Kris Mitchener  Part 2: The Interwar Era and World War II  10. The 1920s Martha Olney  12. The Crash of 1929 Howard Bierman  13. The British Abandonment of the Gold Standard Michael Kitson  14. The Great Depression 1929-33 Randall Parker  14. The Great Depression, Microeconomics of the New Deal Price Fishback  15. The Great Depression, Macroeconomics of the New Deal Lee Ohanian  16. Monetary Policy during the Great Depression Jim Butkiewicz  17. World War II Robert Higgs  Part 3: Post-World War II Era  18. The Marshall Plan Nick Crafts  19. Urban Riots of the 1960s Bill Collins  20. The Great Inflation Robert Hetzel  21. History of Oil Shocks James Hamilton  22. The Rise and Fall of the Phillips Curve in the 1960s and 1970s Arnold Kling  23. The Rise and Fall of the Bretton Woods System Barry Eichengreen  24. The 1980s Disinflation Allan Meltzer  25. The Rise of China Loren Brandt  26. The Rise of India Areendam Chanda  27. The Bust and Stagnation of Japan Etsuro Shioji  28. The Fall of the Soviet Union Rick Ericson  29. The Development of Trade Institutions and th


    Randall E. Parker is Professor of Economics at East Carolina University, USA.

    Robert Whaples is Professor of Economics at Wake Forest University, USA. .

    "To the handbook's credit, Parker and Whaples take an expansive view of the term "event." Instead of restricting the handbook to events that are focused in time, they open it up to broader events that play out over many years. […] Each chapter stands alone and is written so that previous knowledge of the time period is helpful but not necessary. The handbook thus stands as a useful reference tool for anyone who wants to know more about key historical events, as well as those who need a starting place for their own research." - Matthew Jaremski, Colgate University| published in Journal of Economic Literature (Vol. 54, No. 2)

    "This handbook will serve as an important historical reference as well as provide readers with insight concerning current economic affairs in the US and rising world economies...These historical essays provide a valuable understanding of today's economy. Summing Up: Highly recommended." - R.T. Sweet, Hood College | published in Choice (Vol. 51 No. 6)