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Routledge Handbook of Military Ethics

ISBN 9780415743686
Published May 26, 2015 by Routledge
476 Pages

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Book Description

The Routledge Handbook of Military Ethics is a comprehensive reference work that addresses concerns held in common by the military services of many nations. It attempts to discern both moral dilemmas and clusters of moral principles held in common by all practitioners of this profession, regardless of nation or culture.

Comprising essays by contributors drawn from the four service branches (Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine corps) as well as civilian academics specializing in this field, this handbook discusses the relationship of "ethics" in the military setting to applied and professional ethics generally. Leading scholars and senior military practitioners from countries including the US, UK, France, China, Australia and Japan, discuss various national cultural views of the moral dimensions of military service. With reference to the responsibilities of professional orientation and education, as well as the challenges posed by recent technological developments, this handbook examines the difficulties underpinning the fundamental framework of military service.

This book will be of much interest to students of military studies, war theory, ethics philosophy, sociology, war and conflict studies, and security studies.

Table of Contents

Foreword" General Martin E. Dempsey, Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff, U.S. Department of Defense Introduction: On the Very Idea of Ethics and a "Military Profession" Dr. George R. Lucas, Jr I: The Moral Foundations of the Military Profession Dr. Alasdair MacIntyre, Notre Dame University: "Military Ethics: A Discipline in Crisis" Don M. Snider, Ph.D.; U.S. Army (retired): "American Military Professions and their Ethics" Dr. Patricia Cook, Naval Postgraduate School, "A Profession Like No Other’" II. Jus Ante Bellum: Preparing the Military Profession for its Moral Obligations Dr. Richard Schoonhoven, U.S. Military Academy: "The Ethics of Military Ethics Education" Dr. Roger Wertheimer, U.S. Naval Academy, "Jus ante Bellum: Principles of Pre-War Conduct" Dr. Paul Robinson, University of Ottawa/Canadian Defense Force (retired): "Selective Conscientious Objection" Dr. Jessica Wolfendale, University of West Virginia: "Military Culture and War Crimes" Dr. Martin L. Cook, Stockdale Professor of Ethics, U.S. Naval War College: "Military Ethics and Character Development" Vice Admiral Walter E. Carter, U.S.N., Superintendent, U.S. Naval Academy, "Ethics in the U.S. Navy" Dr Alain Fogue Director, Centre of Peace and Development Studies, University of Yaounde, Cameroun: "Democracy and the Development of Moral Competencies in African Defence and Security Forces" Dr. David Whetham, U.K. Command and Staff College, Shrivenham: "Expeditionary Ethics: Approaching Ethics and the Military Profession with Military Services World-wide" III. Military Ethics and Professionalism Across Nations and Cultures Dr. Shannon E. French, Case Western Reserve University: Military Ethics Across Warrior Cultures" Brigadier General Benoit Royal, French Marine Corps: "Military Ethics: from Theory to Practice" Professor Shang Wei, Peoples’ Liberation Army Military Academy, "Military Ethics in Sun Tzu’s Art of War and its Contemporary Significance" Professor Ping-cheung Lo, Hong Kong Baptist University, "Three Synoptic Views of China’s "Peoples’ Liberation Army" on Military Ethics and Justified War Vice Admiral (Ret.) Fumio Ota, Ph.D., Japanese National Defense Academy: "Japanese Warfare Ethics" Dr. Patrick Mileham, Sandhurst Academy, U.K.: "Armed Forces Officership: An International Military Capability" Dr. Shannon B. Ford, Military Staff and Command College of Australia, ADF (Canberra): "Military Ethics and National Security Strategies: Moral Values and Cultural Perspectives" International Cadets of the Saint-Cyr Military Academy, France: "Towards a European Code of Conduct for Military and Peace-keeping Forces" IV. Contemporary Issues in Ethics and Military Practice Major General Robert Latiff, U.S. Air Force (retired): "Ethical Issues in Defense Systems Acquisitions" Col. Jeff McCausland, Ph.D., Dean, U.S. Army War College (retired): "The Revolt of the Generals" Major General Paul D. Eaton (U.S. Army, retired), "Frank Assessment Up and Down the Chain of Command" Major Thierry Pichevin, French Army Engineering Corps, "The Military Officer as Scientist: De-Conflicting Moral Responsibilities" Dr. Michael Gross, University of Haifa: "Military Medical Ethics in War and Peace" Dr. Rebecca Johnson, U. S. Marine Corps University: "Serving Two Masters: When Professional Ethics Collide with Personal Responsibility" Revd. Nicole Nikki Louise Coleman, Australian Defense Force Academy: "The Unlimited Liability Contract and its Effects on Serving Military Personnel" Dr. Aaron Belkin: "The Ethics of ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ and Military Readiness" Dr. Andrea Ellner (U.K. Ministry of Defense), "The Ethics of Inclusion: Gender Equality, Equal Opportunity and Sexual Assault in the Australian, British, Canadian and US Armed Forces" V. Emerging Ethical Challenges for the Military Profession Dr. Stephen Coleman, Australian Defence Force Academy: "The Ethical Issues in Armed Humanitarian Intervention" Professor George R. Lucas, Jr., Naval Postgraduate School, "Private Military Contractors and the Military Profession" Col. Dan Zupan, Ph.D.; U.S. Army (retired): U.S. Army Human Terrain System: "Ethics and the Human Terrain System" Dr. Laurie Blank, Emory University Law School: "Military Operations and Media Coverage: Drones, Extrajudicial Executions, and the Interplay of Law and Legitimacy" Dr. Amos Guiora, University of Utah Law Center (Israeli Defence Force, retired) and LtCol Jason Shelton, U.S. Army Special Forces and Intelligence: "Drones and Targeted Killings: Facing the Challenges of Unlimited Executive Power" Dr. Rob Sparrow, University of Monash (Australia): "Drones, Courage, and Military Culture" Dr. Pauline Kaurin, Pacific Lutheran University: "Non-lethal weapons and the Rules of Engagement" Dr. Max Mehlman, Case-Western University and Director, CETMONS: "Captain America and ‘Iron Man’: Biological, Genetic and Psychological Enhancement and the Warrior Ethos" Col. James Cook, Ph.D., US Air Force Academy: "Just War under CyberGaia"

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George Lucas is Professor of Ethics and Public Policy Emeritus, at the Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, and Distinguished Chair of Ethics (retired), U.S. Naval Academy, Annapolis. He is author of Military Ethics: What Everyone Needs to Know (2015), Anthropologists in Arms (2009) and editor of Ethics and the Military Profession (2008).