1st Edition

Routledge Handbook of Public Procurement Corruption

Edited By Sope Williams, Jessica Tillipman Copyright 2024
    576 Pages 19 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    The Routledge Handbook of Public Procurement Corruption showcases the most innovative and exciting research being conducted in this important area of study, providing a comprehensive go-to reference for all who are interested in the topic.

    During the COVID-19 pandemic, the global race for health and ancillary goods amid global supply chain disruptions demonstrated that, when tested, all countries are incredibly vulnerable to fraud and corruption in public procurement, irrespective of their level of development. Yet despite the widespread nature of the problem, there remains a lack of in-depth, analytical, and cross-country investigations into public procurement corruption. This book addresses this gap by providing a comprehensive, multidisciplinary, geographically balanced treatise on corruption in public procurement. It combines country-specific studies to allow readers to easily compare differing perspectives and approaches and overarching thematic chapters to reflect on new and cutting-edge issues in procurement and their implications for procurement corruption. Key sectors such as healthcare and infrastructure are considered, as well as the role of new technologies, in both combatting and enabling procurement corruption.

    This Handbook provides academics, practitioners, and graduate researchers of public administration, law, and anti-corruption with all of the tools they need to understand the nuances of public procurement corruption around the world.

    Part I

    1. An Overview of Corruption and Public Procurement

    Sope Williams and Jessica Tillipman

    2. Concepts in Corruption

    Alexandra Wrage and Joshua Birenbaum

    Part II

    3. Procurement Corruption and Artificial Intelligence: Between the potential of enabling data architectures and the constraints of due process requirements

    Albert Sanchez-Graells

    4. Data Analytics for Anti-Corruption in Public Procurement

    Viktoriia Poltoratskaia and Mihály Fazekas

    5. Corruption and COVID-19 Procurement

    Geo Quinot

    6. Emergency Procurement and Corruption

    Gabriella M. Racca and Christopher Yukins

    7. Corruption in Healthcare Procurement

    Gul Saeed and Jillian Clare Kohler 

    8. Corruption and Defence Procurement

    Dan Schoeni

    9. Corruption in Public–Private Partnership Procurement

    George Nwangwu

    10. Procurement Corruption in the World Bank Group

    Collin Swan and Belita Manka

    11. Gender, Procurement, and Corruption

    Anna Petherick

    12. Corruption in Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprises

    David Robbins, Sati Harutyunyan, and Michelle Onibokun

    13. Corruption and Beneficial Ownership

    Tymon Kiepe

    14. How Behavioural Insights Can Enrich Anti-Corruption Measures in Public Procurement

    Frédéric Boehm and Alexandra Leidtke

    15. Whistleblowers and Winning the Battle Against Government Contract Fraud: You can’t have one without the other

    Tom Devine, Samantha Feinstein, and Jack A. Kolar

    16. Corruption and Debarment

    Tina Søreide, Erling Hjelmeng, and Theresa Geyer

    Part III

    17. Australia

    Adam Graycar, Stuart Macintyre, and Ashlee Joyce

    18. Brazil

    Cesar Pereira and Mayara Gasparoto Tonin

    19. Columbia

    Ana Victoria Christoff

    20. France

    Emmanuel Breen

    21. Hungary

    Tünde Tátrai

    22. India

    Sandeep Verma

    23. Israel

    Hadas Peled, Ayelet Simon-Vekslar, and Shira Spierer

    24. Italy

    Federica Marconi

    25. Kenya

    Stephen Magu

    26. Mexico

    Bonnie J. Palifka and Diego Cuellar Lasso

    27.  Nigeria

    Sope Williams  

    28. Russia

    Leslie Holmes

    29. South Africa

    Jonathan Klaaren, Florencia Belvedere, Ryan Brunette, and Nomtha Gray

    30. Tanzania

    Emmanuel Maliganya

    31. Ukraine

    Andrii Biletskyi

    32. United Kingdom

    Michael Bowsher

    33. United States

    Jessica Tillipman


    Sope Williams is Professor of Public Procurement Law and Deputy Director of the African Procurement Law Unit at Stellenbosch University, South Africa.

    Jessica Tillipman is Associate Dean for Government Procurement Law Studies and Government Contracts Advisory Council Distinguished Professorial Lecturer in Government Contracts Law, Practice & Policy at the George Washington University Law School, Washington, DC, USA.