1st Edition

Routledge Handbook of Race and Ethnicity in Asia

Edited By Michael Weiner Copyright 2022
    458 Pages 6 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    458 Pages 6 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    The Routledge Handbook of Race and Ethnicity in Asia introduces theoretical approaches to the study of race, ethnicity and indigeneity in Asia beyond those commonly grounded in the Western experience.

    The volume’s twenty-eight chapters consider not only the relationship between ethnic or racial minorities and the state, but social relations within and between individual and transnational communities. These shape not only the contours of governance, but also the means by which knowledge of national identity, ‘self ’, and ‘other’ have been constructed and reconstructed over time. Divided into four sections, it provides holistic and comparative coverage of South, South East, and East Asia, as well as Australasia and Oceania; an area that extends from Pakistan in the West to Hawai’i in the East.

    Contributors to this handbook offer a variety of disciplinary and interdisciplinary perspectives, opening a domain of scholarship wherein the relationship between phenotype and racism is less pronounced than European and North American approaches, which have often privileged the so-called ‘colour stigmata’, leading to further exclusions of particular ethnic, racial, and indigenous communities.

    This volume seeks to overcome racism and white ideologies embedded in theories of race and ethnicity in Asia, proving a valuable resource to both students and scholars of comparative racial and ethnic studies, international relations and human rights.

    Chapter 1. Race and Ethnicity in Asia

    Michael A. Weiner

    Part 1: South Asia

    Chapter 2. "Race in Contemporary India

    Duncan McDuie-Ra

    Chapter 3. Ethnic Violence in India

    Ajay Verghese

    Chapter 4. Ethnopolitics in Nepal

    Krishna B. Bhattachan

    Chapter 5. Ethnicity and Identity Politics in in Sri Lanka

    Asoka Bandarage

    Chapter 6. Ethnic Movements and the State in Pakistan: A Politics of Ethnicity Perspective

    Farhan Hanif Siddiqi

    Part 2: Southeast Asia

    Chapter 7. Asian Federalism, Race and Ethnicity

    Baogang He and Laura Allison-Reumann

    Chapter 8. Race Relations and Ethnic Minorities in Contemporary Myanmar

    Kunal Mukherjee

    Chapter 9. Ethnicity in Cambodia, Vietnam, and Laos

    Sophal Ear and Gaea Morales

    Chapter 10. Ethnic Conflict in Southeast Asia

    Shane J. Barter

    Chapter 11. Ethnicity and Electoral Systems in Southeast Asia

    Joel Sawat Selway

    Chapter 12. Ethnic and National Identity in Malaysia and Singapore: Origins, Contestation, and Polarization

    Kai Ostwald and Isabel Chew

    Part 3: East Asia

    Chapter 13. Ethnicity in China

    Thomas Heberer

    Chapter 14. Being Muslim and Chinese

    Jonathan Lipman

    Chapter 15. Tibet: from conflict to protest

    Ben Hillman

    Chapter 16. Ethnic Conflict in Xinjiang and Its International Connections

    Yu-Wen Chen

    Chapter 17. Ethnic Chinese (Hwagyo) Identity Formation and Transformation in South Korea

    Nora Hui-Jung Kim

    Chapter 18. Multiculturalism in Korea

    Timothy C. Lim

    Chapter 19. Racial and Ethnic Identities in Japan

    Oguma Eiji

    Chapter 20. Ethnicity, Indigeneity and Education: The Ainu of Japan

    Jeffry Gayman

    Chapter 21. Burakumin: A Discursive History of Difference

    Timothy D. Amos

    Chapter 22. "Conceptualizing and Re-conceptualizing Ethnic Identities in Taiwan

    Fu-chang Wang

    Part 4: Australasia and Oceania

    Chapter 23. The Preservation of Indigenous Cultures in Hawai’i

    Davianna Pōmaika’ McGregor

    Chapter 24. Race and Multiculturalism in Australia

    Martina Boese

    Chapter 25. Mobility and Migration in Remote Oceania: World Enlargement meets the Cartographic Imaginary

    Edward D. Lowe

    Chapter 26. Race and Ethnicity in the Bonin Islands

    David Chapman

    Chapter 27. Indigenous peoples: citizenship and self-determination – Australia, Fiji and New Zealand

    Dominic O’Sullivan

    Chapter 28. Okinawan-Japanese-Hawaiian Identities

    Akari Osuna and Michael A. Weiner


    Michael Weiner is Professor of East Asian History and International Studies. Among his publications are The Origins of the Korean Community on Japan; 1910–1923 (1989), The Internationalization of Japan, co-editor (1992), Race and Migration in Imperial Japan (1994), Japan’s Minorities: The Illusion of Homogeneity (1997, 2009), Race, Ethnicity and Migration in Modern Japan, ed. (2005), and The Pacific Basin: An Introduction, co-editor (2017). He is the former Managing Editor of Japan Forum.