2nd Edition

Routledge Handbook of Sexuality, Gender, Health and Rights

    542 Pages 14 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Thoroughly updated with over 30 newly written chapters, this edition of the Routledge Handbook of Sexuality, Gender, Health and Rights brings together academics and practitioners from around the world to provide an authoritative and up-to-date account of the field.

    Social researchers and their allies have worked hard in past decades to find new ways of understanding sexuality in a rapidly changing world. Growing attention is now given to the way sexuality intersects with other structures such as gender, age, ethnicity/race and disability, and increasing value is seen in a positive approach focused on ethics, pleasure, mutuality and reciprocity. This Handbook explores:

    • theory, politics and early development of sexuality studies
    • ways in which language, discourse and identification have become central to research on sex, sexuality and gender
    • key issues across the broad media and digital ecology, demonstrating the centrality of representation, communication and digital technologies to sexual and gender practices
    • research focusing on the body and its sexual pleasures
    • work on forms of inequality, violence and abuse that are linked to sex, gender and sexuality

    The Handbook is an essential reference for researchers and educators working in the fields of sexuality studies, gender studies, sexual health and human rights, and offers key reading for mid-level and advanced students.

    1 - Sexuality, gender, health and rights: An introduction

    Peter Aggleton, Rob Cover, Carmen H. Logie, Christy E. Newman and Richard Parker


    Part I Pioneering beginnings


    2 - The importance of being historical: Understanding the making of sexualities

    Jeffrey Weeks            


    3 - ‘Sex involves something you are, not just something you do’: Mary Calderone and the fight for sexual health

    Ellen S. More


    4 - Anthropological foundations of sexuality, health and rights: 1920s-2020s

    Michelle Marzullo and Gilbert Herdt


    5 - Alfred C. Kinsey’s legacy and the Kinsey Institute at Indiana University

    Julia R. Heiman


    6 - Sexuality and the turn to citizenship

    Diane Richardson


    7 - Making a sociology of gender and sexuality

    Raewyn Connell



    Part II Diversity in practice – enacting, gender, sex and sexuality


    8 - Two(Spirit)-Eyed Seeing: Honouring gender and sexual diversity for those Indigenous to Turtle Island

    Harlan Pruden, Milo Ira and Travis Salway          


    9 - Becoming hijra in Dhaka: Discourse, pleasure and identification

    Adnan Hossain


    10 - The health and human rights of people with intersex variations

    Morgan Carpenter


    11 - Living under the shadow of the law: Sexual citizenship and belonging in Singapore and Australia

    Sujith Kumar Prankumar, Stephen Robert Watson and P. Arun Kumar


    12 - Gender and sexuality identities in social media and everyday life: The expansion and redefinition of non-binary gender and bisexuality

    Rob Cover and Christy E. Newman


    13 - An unhappy marriage? Sex segregation and inclusion debates in women’s sport

    Madeleine Pape


    14 - ‘Cripping’ intellectual disability and sexuality in media representations: Conundrums and possibilities

    Ann Fudge Schormans, Alan Santinele Martino and Eleni Moumos           


    15 - Ritual, modernity and well-being: Queer spirit mediums and ritual healing in mainland Southeast Asia

    Peter A. Jackson


    Part III Communicating gender, sex and sexuality  


    16 - Beliefs about sexuality and gender in identity discourses online

    Zach C. Schudson


    17 - Automating vulnerability: Algorithms, artificial intelligence and machine learning for gender and sexual minorities

    Páraic Kerrigan and Marguerite Barry


    18 - Digital intimacy in China

    Man Yin Chung and Denise Tse-Shang Tang        


    19 - Queer women and digital platforms: Identity modulation for digital sexual citizenship, and beyond?

    Stefanie Duguay


    20 - Playing with roles and representations: Challenging the stability of gender, sex and sexuality in video games

    Marc A. Ouellette


    21 - Erotic representations of gender diversity: A computer-assisted linguistic analysis of online erotica

    Alon Lischinsky and Kat Gupta       


    22 - Express yourself: Fashion, freedom and sexual politics in the 21st century

    Pardis Mahdavi


    23 - Homosexuality and normality: The reception of gay male representations on film and television

    Alexander Dhoest


    Part IV The choreography of sex


    24 - Ukuchindila Nabwinga: Bemba women, sexual dance and agency

    Mutale Mulenga Kaunda


    25 - Sex in motion: Some sexual scenes in Brazil

    Veriano Terto Jr and Fernando Seffner


    26 - BDSM, intercorporeality and the feeling body

    Charlotta Carlström


    27 - Flirting, erotic interactions and sexual choreography among urban youth: Hip-Hop in New York City

    Miguel Muñoz-Laboy and Richard Parker


    28 - Ecosexuality: Art practices for queering the Earth, healing and recovering

    Ewelina Jarosz


    29 - Spaces to be and flourish: Dance as livelihood, status and belonging among kothis in India

    Anna Morcom


    30 - The political economy of pleasure

    Barbara G. Brents, Victoria McMahan, Mary Underwood Hood, Rachel Howard, Foster Kamanga, Drue Belliveau Sahuc, Roen Sagun and Antonio Ball


    Part V The darker side(s) of sex


    31 - Intimate partner violence: Bringing about change through successful interventions

    Erin Stern, Andrew Gibbs, Samantha Willan, Henri Myrttinen and Rachel Jewkes


    32 - Masculinity crisis? The nature and origins of sexual violence and corrective rape in South Africa

    Kammila Naidoo, Morolake Josephine Adeagbo and Oluwatobi Joseph Alabi  


    33 - Becoming teachable, staying in community: Engaged research on incest in Mexico, before and after COVID-19

    Gloria González-López


    34 - ‘I’d give him a blow job just to get out of there’: Sexual citizenship and the social production of campus sexual assault

    Jennifer S. Hirsch and Shamus Khan


    35 - Sexual violence in South African men’s prisons: Causes, consequences and promising practices

    Sasha Gear    


    Part VI Sexual well-being and health


    36 - From sexology to sexual health and rights

    Eli Coleman and Jessie V. Ford


    37 - ‘Safe sex ain't for sissies!’ (with apologies to Bette Davis)

    Gary W. Dowsett


    38 - Sexual health beyond the buzzword: The turn to social justice

    Steven Epstein


    39 - Innovation in HIV prevention technologies: The currents and eddies of progress within and across contexts

    Sarah Bernays and Joni Lariat


    40 - Sex, drugs and biomedical prevention: Rethinking sexual health through PrEP research in Peru and HPV vaccine roll-out in Mexico

    César Torres-Cruz and Amaya Pérez-Brumer


    41 - Achieving trans pregnancy and parenthood: The impacts of cisnormativity on trans people’s reproductive autonomy

    Alex Ker


    42 - Poverty and erotic equity

    Jenny A. Higgins and Sara I. McClelland


    Part VII Sexual rights and erotic justice


    43 - Sexual rights: Ever-contested, but never more important

    Sofia Gruskin and Laura Ferguson


    44 - Health and human rights inequities impacting sex workers globally

    Jennie Pearson, Ruth Morgan Thomas and Shira M. Goldenberg


    45 - Sex tech in an age of surveillance capitalism: Design, data and governance

    Zahra Stardust


    46 - Justice through the erotic: Puta politics, knowledge and feminism as guides for how to move beyond binaries and destabilise contradictions

    Laura Rebecca Murray


    47 - Good sex liberates: Why sexual rights and erotic justice should get into bed with pleasure

    Anne Philpott and Arushi Singh      


    48 - Dr Frankenstein’s hydra: Contours, meanings and effects of anti-gender politics

    Sonia Corrêa, David Paternotte and Claire House


    Peter Aggleton has a background in the social sciences as applied to well-being, education and health. He holds senior professorial positions at a number of universities including The Australian National University in Canberra, UNSW Sydney, and UCL in London.

    Rob Cover is Professor of Digital Communication at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia.

    Carmen H. Logie is Canada Research Chair in Global Health Equity and Social Justice with Marginalized Populations and a professor in the Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work at the University of Toronto.

    Christy E. Newman is a professor in the Centre for Social Research in Health at UNSW Sydney.

    Richard Parker is Professor Emeritus of Sociomedical Sciences and Anthropology and a member of the Committee on Global Thought at Columbia University in New York, as well as Director of the Brazilian Interdisciplinary AIDS Association (ABIA), Co-Chair of Sexuality Policy Watch (SPW), and Editor-in-Chief of the journal Global Public Health.