1st Edition

Routledge Handbook of Social Psychology of Tourism

Edited By Dogan Gursoy, Sedat Çelik Copyright 2022
    358 Pages 13 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    The impacts of tourism, an increasingly crucial area of study amongst researchers, are primarily investigated through economic, socio-cultural or environmental perspectives. The social psychological effects of tourism have not been adequately researched despite often being much more important for many destinations, especially where conflicts among different stakeholders exist. This book investigates the social psychological effects of tourism within the scope of social psychology theory.

    This book introduces the concept of social psychology, as distinct from psychology and sociology, and its relationship to tourism, examines tourism within various theoretical frameworks, e.g. career ladder theory and Maslow’s 7 hierarchy, explores the ways in which tourism changes attitudes and finally investigates social psychological issues in tourism business.

    It is an important resource for advanced undergraduates, graduate students and relevant practitioners in the field of tourism, and in some cases for a broader public in the field of social psychology.

    1. Psychology, Sociology, and Social Psychology 
    Hacer Harlak 
    2. The Relationship between Tourism and Sociology, Psychology and Social Psychology 
    Çağri Erdoğan 
    3. The Effects of Tourism: Economic, Environmental, Social, Cultural, Social Psychological 
    Emrah Öztürk 
    4. Tourism, Prejudice, Stereotypes, and Personal Contact: Gordon Allport´s Contributions to Tourism Research 
    Maximiliano E Korstanje 
    5. Mere Exposure Effect and Tourism Relationship 
    Erhan Coşkun 
    6. Social Exchange Theory and Tourism 
    Ali Doğantekin 
    7. Social Representation Theory and Tourism 
    Selami Gültekin 
    8. Travel Career Pattern Theory of Motivation 
    Hera Oktadiana and Manisha Agarwal 
    9. Social Comparison Theory and Tourism 
    Volkan Genç and Seray Gülertekin Genç 
    10. Hotel CSR May Not Always Lead to Positive Outcomes: The Role of Attributions about Motives Behind CSR Initiatives 
    Erhan Boğan and Yakup Kemal Özekici 
    11. Attitudes in Tourism and Traveling as a Tool/Instrument for Attitude Change 
    Nisan Yozukmaz and Burhan Kiliç 
    12. Explaining Intergroup and Intragroup Dynamics in Tourism: A Social Identity Approach 
    P. Monica Chien and Wanting Sun 
    13. Travel and Transformation: An Examination Of Tourists’ Attitude Changes 
    Jessica Mei Pung 
    14. Does Tourism Impact on Prejudice, Discrimination, Assimilation, Genocide, Segregation, Integration? 
    Buket Buluk Eşitti and Erol Duran 
    15. Re-examining the Tourism and Peace Nexus: A Social Network Theory Perspective 
    Gaunette Sinclair-Maragh 
    16. What Influences Attitude Change? Tourist Satisfaction, Motivation, Personality, Tolerance Level, Contact Situation (Level, Type, Frequency) 
    Bekir Eşitti 
    17. Social/Cultural Distance and Its Reflectıons on Tourism 
    Aysen Ercan Iştin 
    18. Inbound Tourism and Alteration in Social Culture, Norms, and Community Attitudes in the Tourism Industry: The South Asian Experiences 
    Sakib Bin Amin, Farhan Khan, Shah Zahidur Rahman, and Birsen Bulut Solak 
    19. Culture Shock Experiences of Tourists: A Transformative Perspective 
    Nagihan Cakmakoglu Arici 
    20. Tourist-to-Tourist Interaction (TTI): A Social Distance Perspective 
    Seda Sökmen and Medet Yolal 
    21. Value Typology in The Context of the Tourism Sector 
    Üzeyir Kement 
    22. Impact of Overtourism on Residents 
    Sebastian Amrhein, Gert-Jan Hospers, and Dirk Reiser 
    23. The Dyadic Influence of Personal and Cultural Factors on Tourism and Hospitality 
    Erdogan Koc, Elif Yolbulan Okan, and Fulya Acikgoz 
    24. Social-Psychological Issues in Tourism Business 
    Emrah Özkul and Gozde Turktarhan 
    25. Attitudes and Behaviors of Tourism Employees at Work and among Co-Workers 
    Irene Huertas-Valdivia 
    26. Attitudes (Stereotype and Prejudice) of Local People towards Seasonal Tourism Workers 
    Zanete Garanti and Galina Berjozkina 
    27. Social-Psychological Background of Discrimination and Its Reflections on Tourism 
    Filiz Gümüş Dönmez and Serkan Aylan 
    Conclusions: Tourism and Social Psychology 
    Dogan Gursoy and Sedat Çelik 


    Dogan Gursoy, PhD is the Taco Bell Distinguished Professor in Hospitality Business Management at Washington State University in the School of Hospitality Business Management and the editor of the Journal of Hospitality Marketing & Management. He is also the recipient of the 2021 ICHRIE Lifetime Research Achievement Award and the 2019 University of Delaware’s Michael D. Olsen Research Achievement Award.

    Sedat Çelik, PhD is Associate Professor in the Department of Tourism and Hotel Management at Şırnak University, Turkey. He completed his doctorate at Akdeniz University. His research interests are destination, tourism management, organizational behavior and the social psychology of tourism. He is referee for many important journals. He is also Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Issues (JOHTI).