1st Edition

Routledge Handbook of Sport Governance

Edited By David Shilbury, Lesley Ferkins Copyright 2020
    450 Pages 55 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    450 Pages 55 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    The Routledge Handbook of Sport Governance is a comprehensive and authoritative survey of the wide range of issues shaping sport governance. It considers the evolution of the sport industry from a largely amateur, volunteer-driven sector into the globalised business that it is today and examines how professionalisation has fundamentally shifted the governance landscape for sport organisations and all those working within sport.

    Written by a team of leading sport management scholars from around the world, the book is organised around five key themes:

    • Part I: Overview of sport governance
    • Part II: Environmental context and policy perspectives
    • Part III: Ownership structures and governance models: Implications for sport governance
    • Part IV: Board roles in the governance process
    • Part V: Future sport governance challenges

    Each chapter reviews the most recent research available and, in some cases, presents new data to support previously published studies. As sport governance is a relatively young field, each chapter maps future research needs to provide direction for sport governance scholars. A special feature of the handbook is a series of nine shorter research chapters in Part IV examining board roles in the governance process, tying theory to the day-to-day practical aspects of running a sport organisation.

    With broader and deeper coverage of the key issues in contemporary sport governance than any other book, this handbook is essential reading for students, researchers and practitioners in sport business and management.

    Part I: Overview of Sport Governance

    1. An Overview of Sport Governance Scholarship

    David Shilbury and Lesley Ferkins

    2. Theoretical Underpinnings of Sport Governance

    Lesley Ferkins and David Shilbury

    Part II: Environmental Context and Policy Perspectives

    3. Legal and Regulatory Aspects of Sport Governance

    Paul T. Jonson and David Thorpe

    4. Sport Policy Systems and Good Governance: Insights from Europe

    Christos Anagnostopoulos, Frank van Eekeren and Oskar Solenes

    5. Government Policy and Sport Governance: Australia, New Zealand and Canada

    Michael P. Sam and Geoff Schoenberg

    6. Government Policy and Principles of Good Governance in Latin America

    Gonzalo A. Bravo and Luiz Haas

    7. Sport Systems, National Sport Organisations and the Governance of Sport Codes

    Ian O’Boyle and David Shilbury

    8. The Role of Non-traditional Sport Structures in Systemic Sport Governance

    Spencer Harris and Pamm Phillips

    Part III: Ownership Structures and Governance Models: Implications for Sport Governance

    9. Professional Team Ownership Models in North America

    Norm O’Reilly

    10. Ownership and Governance in Men’s Professional Football in Europe

    Hallgeir Gammelsaeter and Geoff Walters

    11. Professional Team Ownership Models in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa

    Adam Karg and Coral Ingley

    12. Professional Team Ownership Models in Japan, South Korea and China

    Joon-ho Kang, Masayuki Yoshida and Dongfeng Liu

    13. Governance of International Sports Federations

    Jean-Loup Chappelet, Josephine Clausen and Emmanuel Bayle

    14. Governance of Intercollegiate Athletics

    Barbara Osborne and Erianne Weight

    15. Sport Event Governance Models

    Becca Leopkey and Milena M. Parent

    Part IV: Board Roles in the Governance Process

    16. Role of the Board and Directors: Board Structure and Composition

    Josh McLeod

    17. Professionalisation of Sport Governance: Volunteer Director Motivations

    Alison Doherty

    18. The Inter-connected Roles of the Chair

    Geraldine Zeimers and David Shilbury

    19. Intragroup Board Dynamics

    Geoff Schoenberg

    20. Strategy and the Strategic Function of Sport Boards

    Lesley Ferkins

    21. Integrating Regional Entities: Unitary and Collaborative Governance

    Trevor Meiklejohn and Ian O’Boyle

    22. Managing Stakeholders

    Michael Naraine and Milena Parent

    23. Sport Board Performance: A Contribution to the Integrated Board Performance Model

    Tracy Molloy, Lesley Ferkins and Geoff Dickson

    24. Director Selection, Development, and Evaluation

    Tracy Molloy, Geoff Dickson and Lesley Ferkins

    Part V: Future Sport Governance Challenges

    25. Leadership in Governance: The Potential of Collective Board Leadership

    Ian O’Boyle

    26. Gender and Diversity in Sport Governance

    Popi Sotiriadou and Adele Pavlidis

    27. The Social Responsibilities of Sport Governing Bodies and the Role of Sport Governance

    Jonathan Robertson, Rochelle Eime and Hans Westerbeek

    28. Sport Integrity Systems: A Proposed Framework

    Lisa A. Kihl

    29. Sport Governance: A Point in Time for Reflection

    David Shilbury and Lesley Ferkins


    David Shilbury is Foundation Professor of Sport Management and Director of the Deakin Sport Network and the Centre for Sport Research at Deakin University, Australia. He is non-executive Director of Golf Victoria and a NASSM Research Fellow, as well as being a recipient of the Dr Earle F. Zeigler award in 2011. He was the Foundation President of the Sport Management Association of Australia & New Zealand (SMAANZ) from 1995 to 2001 and was the inaugural SMAANZ Distinguished Service award recipient in 2009. He is former Editor of the Journal of Sport Management and Sport Management Review and his research expertise is in sport governance and strategy.

    Lesley Ferkins is Professor of Sport Leadership and Governance at Auckland University of Technology (AUT), New Zealand and Director of the AUT Sports Performance Research Institute New Zealand (SPRINZ). As an action researcher, Lesley has worked closely with boards of national and regional sport organisations in NZ and Australia to develop governance and leadership capability. Lesley is Associate Editor of Sport Management Review and sits on the editorial board of the Journal of Sport Management. She is also Independent Director for Tennis New Zealand.