496 Pages 46 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    496 Pages 46 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    The Routledge Handbook of Sport Management is the most up-to-date and comprehensive guide to theory and practice in sport management ever published. It provides students and scholars with a broad ranging survey of current thinking in contemporary sport management, exploring best practice in core functional areas and identifying important future directions for new research. Key topics covered in the book include:

    • managing performance
    • marketing
    • human resource management
    • the economics and finance of sport
    • strategy
    • managing change
    • governance of sports organizations
    • customer relations
    • branding and retail.

    With contributions from leading scholars and professionals from around the world, the book illustrates the global nature of contemporary sport business and highlights the opportunities and challenges for managers operating in an international market place. Representing a definitive survey of contemporary issues in sport management, this is an essential reference for all students, scholars and practitioners working in sport.

    Section 1: Managing The Performance Of Sport Organizations  1. Contemporary Issues In The Performance Of Sport Organizations - Leigh Robinson  2. From Daily Management To High Politics: The Governance Of The International Olympic Committee - Jean-Loup Chappelet  3. The Contingent And Standards Governance Framework For National Governing Bodies - Denis Mowbray  4. The Planned Development Of Sport Organizations - Brian Minikin  5. Managing Customer Expectations Of Sport Organizations - Leigh Robinson  6. Approaches To Managing Performance In Sport Organizations - Peter Taylor  7. Forecasting The Performance Of Nations In Elite Sport - Simon Shibli, Veerle De Bosscher And Maarten Van Bottenburg  8. Corporate Social Responsibility In Sport - Stephen Morrow  9. Theoretical Approaches And Practical Strategies For Change Management - Peter Mcgraw, Tracy Taylor And Daniel Lock  Section 2: Managing Human Resources In Sport Organizations  10. Contemporary Issues In The Management Of Human Resources - Packianathan Chelladurai  11. Human Resource Management In Sport: A Service-Based Approach - Solha Husin  12. Volunteer Management In Sport - May Kim And Jina Bang  13. Sources Of Support For Employees In Sport Organizations - Boyun Woo Chapter  14. Psychological Contract In The Context Of Sport Organizations - Gonzalo Bravo, David Shonk And Doyeon Won  15. Managing Contingent Workers In Sport - Kyungro Chang  Section 3: The Marketing Of Sport  16. Contemporary Issues In Sport Marketing - Guillaume Bodet  17. Consumer Loyalty In Sport Participation Services - Guillaume Bodet  18. Relationship Marketing: From Theoretical Issues To Its Application By Sport Organisations - Alain Ferrand  19. Sport Spectators’ Segmentation - Guillaume Bodet And Iouri Bernache-Assollant  20. Sporting Goods Brands And Retail Store Dramatization - Patrick Bouchet  21. Sport Promotion Through Communication: A Mass Media Perspective - Daniel C. Funk And Kevin Filo  22. Sport Sponsorship: Definitions And Objectives - Pascale Quester And Charles Bal  23. Ambush Marketing - Benoit Séguin And Dana Ellis  Section 4: The Economics Of Sport  24. Contemporary Issues In The Economics Of Sport - Paul Downward  25. The Economic Analysis Of Sport Participation - Paul Downward, Fernando Lera-Lopez And Simona Rasciute  26. Expenditures On Sport Products And Services - Tim Pawlowski And Christoph Breuer  27. Do Sport Clubs Maximize Wins Or Profits? And Does It Make Any Difference? - Stefan Kesenne  28. International Sport League Comparisons - Helmut Dietl, Rodney Fort And Markus Lang  29. Attendance And Broadcast Demand For Professional Team Sport: The Case Of English League Football - Babatunde Buraimo  30. The Labor Market In Professional Team Sport: The Case Of Football Players In Europe - Bernd Frick  31. The Economic Benefits To Cities From Hosting Major Sport Events - Chris Gratton  32. The Future Of Sport Management - Leigh Robinson, Pakianathan Chelladurai, Guillaume Bodet And Paul Downward


    Leigh Robinson is Professor of Sport Management at the University of Stirling, Scotland. Her principal research interest is in the management and measurement of performance, governance and quality in Olympic sport organizations.

    Packianathan Chelladurai is a Distinguished Professor at Troy University, Troy, Alabama, USA. He is an internationally recognized scholar of management science, specializing in organizational theory and organizational behaviour in the context of sport.

    Guillaume Bodet is a lecturer in Sport Marketing and Management within the Institute of Sport and Leisure Policy, at the University of Loughborough, England. His research primarily deals with consumer behaviour regarding sport organizations, sporting events and sport brands.

    Paul Downward is Director of the Institute of Sport and Leisure Policy, University of Loughborough, England. He is currently embarked on a study of the economic determinants and impacts of sports participation in the UK.

    "This publication raises the knowledge base in key areas of sport (business) management … This will be one of the ‘go to’ publications for anyone involved in the sector", Marc Taylor, European Sport Management Quarterly