1st Edition

Routledge Handbook of Sport Policy

Edited By Ian Henry, Ling-Mei Ko Copyright 2014
    432 Pages
    by Routledge

    432 Pages
    by Routledge

    It is difficult to fully understand the role that sport plays in contemporary global society without understanding how and why governments, NGOs and other organizations formulate and implement policy relating to sport. The Routledge Handbook of Sport Policy is the only book to offer a comprehensive overview of current perspectives, techniques and approaches to the analysis of sport policy around the world.

    The book introduces a diverse range of approaches to policy analysis across the full range of political and societal contexts, including developed and developing economies; state-centric, mixed economy and market-led systems, and both liberal democracies and political systems characterized by a dominant elite. It is arranged into five sections addressing the key topics and themes in the analysis of contemporary sport policy, including:

    • theory and its implications for methodology
    • globalization, governance, partnerships and networks
    • elite sport policy
    • development, sport and joint policy agendas
    • sport policy and social theory.

    With contributions from leading policy analysts around the world, including Europe, North America, the Middle East and Asia, this book is important reading for any student, researcher or professional working in sport management, sport development, sport and society, or mainstream public policy, policy analysis or social policy.

    Part 1: Theoretical Perspectives and Methodologies  1. Analysing Sport Policy in a Globalising Context - Ian Henry and Ling-Mei Ko  2. Theorising the Analysis of Sport Policy - Barrie Houlihan  3. Discourse Analysis and its Application to Sport Policy Analysis - Joe Piggin  4. Meta-evaluation, Analytic Logic Models and the Assessment of Impacts of Sport Policies - Shushu Chen, Ian Henry and Ling-Mei Ko  5. The Role, Contributions and Limitations of Cost-benefit Analysis in the Analysis of Sport Policy - Ming Li and Kongting Yeh  Part 2: Globalisation, Governance, Partnerships and Networks in Sport Policy  6. The Global Governance of Sport: An Overview - Jean-Loup Chappelet  7. The Developing Role of the European Union - Borja GarcĂ­a  8. Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in Sport for Development and Peace (SDP) - Oscar Mwaanga  9. Evaluating Olympic Solidarity 1982-2012 - Marie Therese Zammit and Ian Henry  10. Multiculturalism and Federal Sport Policy in Canada - Wendy Frisby, Lucie Thibault, and Kathryn Cureton  11. European Models of Sport: Governance, Organisational Change and Sports Policy in the EU - Ling-Mei Ko, Ian Henry and Wei-Chun Tai  12. Globalisation, Sport Policy and China - Tien-Chin Tan  13. Clientelism and Sport Policy in Taiwan - Ping-Chao Lee and Ren-Shiang Jiang  14. Sport and Media Policy - Matthew Nicholson & Russell Hoye  15. Leveraging Sport Events: Fundamentals and Application to Bids - Laurence Chalip and Bob Heere  Part 3: Elite Sports Policies  16. Methodologies for Identifying and Comparing Success Factors in Elite Sport Policies - Veerle De Bosscher, Maarten Van Bottenburg, Simon Shibli  17. Measuring and Forecasting Elite Sporting Success - Simon Shibli, Veerle De Bosscher, and Maarten Van Bottenburg  18. Promoting Student- Athlete Interests in European Elite Sport Systems - Dawn Aquilina & Ian Henry  19. Anti-Doping Policy: Historical and Contemporary Ambiguities in the Fight for Drug-Free Sport - Paul Dimeo and Thomas M. Hunt  Part 4: Development, Sport and Joint Policy Agendas  20. The Evaluation of Sport and Social Inclusion Policy Programmes - Chris Kennett  21. Sport Development and Community Development - Iain Lindsey & Andrew Adams  22. Sport and Urban Regeneration - Juan L. Paramio-Salcines  23. Methodologies for Evaluating the Use of Sport for Development in Post-Conflict Context - Maria Rato Barrio & Clemens Ley  Part 5: Social Theory and Sports Policy  24. Feminist Analysis of Sport Policy - Sally Shaw  25. A Postcolonial Approach to Sport Policy: Case Study of the Maghreb Region in North Africa - Mahfoud Amara  26. The Economics of Sport Policy - Christoph Breuer, Kirstin Hallmann  27. Sport Governance - Russell Hoye  28. Sports Policy and Social Capital - Eivind Skille


    Ian Henry is Professor and Director of the Centre for Olympic Studies and Research at Loughborough University, UK. His research has incorporated a wide range of work in the field of sport policy analysis and in Olympic research commissioned by transnational bodies such as the IOC, UNESCO and the EU, as well as by a range of governmental and sporting bodies in the UK.
    Ling-Mei Ko is Assistant Professor of the Department of Leisure, Recreation and Tourism Management in the College of Business at Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology. Her current research interests lie in issues relating to sport and leisure policies and sport management, particularly in the area of human capital.