1st Edition

Routledge Handbook of Sport and Politics

Edited By Alan Bairner, John Kelly, Jung Woo Lee Copyright 2017
    576 Pages 11 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    574 Pages 11 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Sport is frequently considered to be an aspect of popular culture that is, or should be, untainted by the political. However, there is a broad consensus among academics that sport is often at the heart of the political and the political is often central to sport. From the 1936 Olympic Games in Nazi Germany to the civil unrest that preceded the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, sport and politics have remained symbiotic bedfellows.

    The Routledge Handbook of Sport and Politics goes further than any other book in surveying the complex, embedded relationships between sport and politics. With sections addressing ideologies, nation and statehood, corporate politics, political activism, social justice, and the politics of sports events, it introduces the conceptual foundations that underpin our understanding of the sport-politics nexus and examines emergent issues in this field of study.

    Including in-depth case studies from North America, South America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia, this is an essential reference for anybody with an interest in the social scientific study of sport.

    Editors’ Introduction  Part 1: Sport and The Study of Politics  Introduction to Part 1  1. Governance and Governmentality of Sport (Jonathan Grix and Spencer Harris)  2. Sports Policy Making (Barrie Houlihan)  3. Sport as a Foreign Policy and Diplomatic Tool (Udo Merkel)  4. Political Ideology (Alan BairnerPart 2: Sport, Politics and Ideologies  Introduction to Part 2  5. Sport and Fascism (Daphne Bolz)  6. Sport and Communism: the examples of North Korea and Cuba (Jung Woo Lee and Alan Bairner)  7. Sport and Conservatism (Lincoln Allison)  8. The Social Criticism of Sport: A ‘Radical’ Liberal Approach (William Morgan)  9. Sport and the Swedish Welfare State (Susanna Hedenborg and Tomas Peterson)  10. Feminist Politics and Sport (Mary Louise AdamsPart 3: Sport, Nation and Statehood  Introduction to Part 3  11. Sport and Politics in the Arab World (Mahfoud Amara)  12. Football and Identity Politics in Ghana (Paul Darby)  13. Sport and Politics in the United States (Michael Butterworth)  14. Sport and Language Politics in Canada (Christine Dallaire and Jean Harvey)  15. Their Skin in the Game: The Basques, the Catalans and the Body Politic of the Spanish National Football Team (Mariann Vaczi)  16. Sport in a Divided Northern Ireland: Past and Present (David Hassan)  17. Sport and Politics in Great Britain (Kevin Jefferys)  18. Sport, the 2014 Commonwealth Games and the Scottish Referendum (Grant JarviePart 4: Sport, Corporate Politics and the Global Community  Introduction to Part 4  19. Sport, Spectacle, and the Politics of Late Capitalism: Articulating the Neoliberal Order (David L. Andrews)  20. The Contemporary Politics of Sports Mega-Events (John Horne)  21. FIFA: "For the Game. For the World"? The World Governing Body’s Escalating Crisis of Credibility (Alan Tomlinson)  22. Political Issues in International Sport (Thomas Zeiler)  23. Western Militarism and the Political Utility of Sport (John KellyPart 5: Sport, Political Activism and Social Justice  Introduction to Part 5  24. Sport for Development and Peace: Alignment, Administration, Power (Jacob Naish)  25. The Politics of Sexuality and Sport (Nigel Jarvis)  26. Gender Politics in Sport for Development and Peace (Megan Chawansky and Hillary Kipnis)  27. ‘Race’, Sport and Politics (Kevin Hylton and Alexandra Rankin-Wright)  28. The Implementation of Indigenous Knowledge and Cultural Practices within Elite Level Sport (Bevan Erueti)  29. Sport and Sustainability (Will Atkinson)  30. Sport, Protest and Civil Disobedience (Mick Totten)  31. "Countercultural" Sport (Paul Gilchrist)  32. The Politics of Sport and Social Enterprise (Gavin ReidPart 6: Politics and Sporting Events  Introduction to Part 6  33. The Berlin Olympics, 1936 (David Large and Joshua Large)  34. Latin America’s First Olympics: Mexico 1968 (Keith Brewster and Claire Brewster)  35. The Rome and Munich Olympics, 1960, 1972 (Eva Maria Gajek)  36. The Moscow Olympics, 1980. Competing in the Context of the Cold War and State Dirigisme (Olga Chepurnaya)  37. The Politics and Sporting Events: Beijing Olympics, 2008 (Dong Jinxia)  38. The Politics of Sports Mega Events in South Korea: A Diachronic Approach (Jung Woo Lee)  39. Brazil, The Olympics and the FIFA World Cup (John Horne and Gabriel Silvestre)  40. How Does a Loser Win? Taiwan and Global Sport (Tzu-hsuan Chen)  41. The Politics of the Commonwealth Games (Stuart Whigham)  42. The Politics of International Cricket (Dominic Malcolm and Devra Waldman)


    Alan Bairner is Professor of Sport and Social Theory at Loughborough University, UK. He is co-author of Sport, Sectarianism and Society in a Divided Ireland and author of Sport, Nationalism and Globalization: European and North American Perspectives. He also edited Sport and the Irish: Histories, Identities, Issues and co-edited The Politics of the Olympics: A Survey. He is the founding editor and editor-in-chief of the Asia Pacific Journal of Sport and Social Science and serves on the editorial boards of a number of journals including the International Review for the Sociology of Sport.

    John Kelly is the programme director for the undergraduate Sport and Recreation Management degree at the University of Edinburgh, UK, where he is a founding member of the Edinburgh Critical Studies in Sport (ECSS) research group. His research interests are varied and his articles have looked at "sectarianism" and the Scottish media, sociology of rugby union, symbolic self-representations of ballet dancers, sport and militarism and schoolchildren’s virtual idealised body image. His previous books are Sport and Social Theory: An Introduction (co-written with Gyozo Molnar) and Bigotry, Football and Scotland (co-edited with John Flint).

    Jung Woo Lee is Lecturer in Sport and Leisure Policy at the University of Edinburgh, UK. He is an associate editor of the Asia Pacific Journal of Sport and Social Science and a founding member of the Edinburgh Critical Studies in Sport (ECSS) research group. His research interests include sport media and communication, semiotics, sport mega-event studies and globalisation of sport. He has published articles in various books and peer-reviewed journals including Sociology, the International Review for the Sociology of Sport, the Journal of Sport and Social Issues, the International Journal of Sport Communication, Communication and Sport and Sport in Society.