Routledge Handbook of Sport for Development and Peace  book cover
1st Edition

Routledge Handbook of Sport for Development and Peace

ISBN 9781138210486
Published September 17, 2018 by Routledge
560 Pages 15 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

Sport and physical activity are now regularly used to promote social and economic development, peacebuilding and conflict resolution, on an international scale. The emergence of the ‘Sport for Development and Peace’ (SDP) sector, comprised of governments, NGOs, sport organizations and others, reveals a high level of institutionalization of this activity, while SDP now constitutes an important element of the scholarly analysis of sport.

This volume analyses and critically discusses the central elements of, and research issues within, the field of SDP and also provides a series of case studies (substantive and geographic) of key research. It is the most holistic and far-reaching text published on this topic to date. Featuring multidisciplinary perspectives from world-leading researchers and practitioners from around the world, the book covers a wide range of topics, including SDP structures, policies and funding streams, how SDP relates to human rights, social exclusion and corporate social responsibility, SDP and gender, SDP and disability, SDP and health, SDP and homelessness, and SDP and the environment.

The Handbook of Sport for Development and Peace is a vital resource for researchers, students and educators in the fields of sports studies, physical education, sport for development and peace, sport-based youth development, sport and politics, sociology of sport, and sport policy.

Table of Contents


Part I The SDP Sector

1 The History of SDP

Rob Millington and Bruce Kid

2 The SDP Sector

Richard Giulianotti

3 SDP and Global Development

David Black

4 SDP Structures, Policies and Funding Streams

Solveig Straume

5 International Governmental Organizations in the SDP Sector

Rob Millington

6 Non-Governmental Organizations in the SDP system

Naofumi Suzuki

7 SDP and Partnerships

Iain Lindsey and Bella Bello Bitugu

8 SDP and Olympism

Ian Henry and Bora Hwang

9 SDP and Corporate Social Responsibility

Roger Levermore

10 SDP and Sustainable Development Goals

Oliver Dudfield

11 SDP and Monitoring and Evaluation

Jutta Engelhardt

12 SDP and Human Rights

Peter Donnelly

13 SDP and Social Exclusion

Ruth Jeanes, Ramon Spaaij, Johnathan Magee and Tess Kay

Part II The Social Study of SDP

14 SDP and Social Theory

Laura Zanotti and Max Stephenson Jr

15 SDP and Research Methods

William V Massey and Meredith A Whitley

16 SDP and Research Ethics

Mike McNamee, Steve Olivier and Andrew Bloodworth

17 SDP and Feminist Theory

Mary G. McDonald

18 SDP and Postcolonial Theory

Martha Saavedra

19 SDP and Social Anthropology

Holly Collison

20 SDP and Sport Psychology

Andrew M. Guest

21 SDP and Sport Management

Jon Welty Peachey

Part III Themes and Issue in SDP

22 SDP and Gender

Karen Petry and Friederike Kroner

23 SDP and Peace

Tom Woodhouse

24 SDP and Disability

P. David Howe

25 SDP and Volunteering

Nicolien Van Luijk, Shawn Forde and Liv Yoon

26 SDP and Social Capital

James Skinner, Geoff Woolcock and Arthur Milroy

27 SDP and Health - Non-Communicable Diseases

Henry Dorling and Oscar Mwaanga

28 SDP and Health – HIV/AIDS

Pete Beeley, Ben Sanders and Chris Barkley

29 SDP and Education

Ashleigh M. Huffman, Sarah J. Hillyer, Alicia Malnati and Carolyn Spellings

30 SDP and Positive Youth Development

Nicholas L. Holt, Colin J. Deal, Kurtis Pankow, Shannon R. Pynn, and Helene Jørgensen

31 SDP and Youth in the Global North

Laura Kelly

32 SDP and Action Sports

Holly Thorpe, Nida Ahmad and Neftalie Williams

33 SDP and Homelessness

Emma Sherry and Angela Osborne

34 SDP and Refugees

Ramon Spaaij and Sarah Oxford

35 SDP and the Environment

Simon C. Darnell

36 SDP and Coaching

Dean M. Ravizza

Part IV SDP in National and Regional Contexts

37 Africa - SDP and Sports Academies

Paul Darby, James Esson and Christian Ungruhe

38 Belgium: Community Sport in Flanders

Reinhard Haudenhuyse, Evi Buelens, Pieter Debognies, Veerle De Bosscher, Inge Derom, Zeno Nols, Hebe Schaillée, Marc Theeboom, Jasper Truyens & Jikkemien Vertonghen

39 Cambodia - Reconciliation, Hope and Different Ways of Seeing

Kevin Young

40 Canada and Australia - SDP and Indigenous Peoples

Audrey R. Giles, Steven Rynne, Lyndsay M.C. Hayhurst and Anthony Rossi

41 Cuba - Revolutionary Games

Robert Huish

42 Liberia: Tournaments and T-Shirts

Gary Armstrong, James Rosbrook-Thompson and Holly Collison

43 Norway - Charity or Development?

Hans K. Hognestad

44 South Africa - Trends and Scholarship

Cora Burnett

45 South Pacific - Fostering Healthy Lifestyles

Nico Schulenkorf and Dr Katja Siefken,

46 Zambia - The SDP Ideal?

Davies Banda and Hikabwa Chipande

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Holly Collison is Lecturer at the Institute of Sport Business, Loughborough University London, United Kingdom.

Simon C. Darnell is Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Education, University of Toronto, Canada.

Richard Giulianotti is Professor at the School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences, Loughborough University, United Kingdom and Professor II in the Department of Sports, Physical Education and Outdoor Studies, University of Southeast Norway, Norway.

P. David Howe is Associate Professor at the School of Kinesiology, Western University, Canada.