1st Edition

Routledge Handbook of Sports Technology and Engineering

    528 Pages
    by Routledge

    528 Pages
    by Routledge

    From carbon fibre racing bikes to ‘sharkskin’ swimsuits, the application of cutting-edge design, technology and engineering has proved to be a vital ingredient in enhanced sports performance. This is the first book to offer a comprehensive survey of contemporary sports technology and engineering, providing a complete overview of academic, professional and industrial knowledge and technique.

    The book is divided into eight sections covering the following topics:

    • sustainable sports engineering
    • instrumentation technology
    • summer mobility sports
    • winter mobility sports
    • apparel and protection equipment
    • sports implements (racquets, clubs, bats, sticks)
    • sports balls
    • sports surfaces and facilities.

    Written by an international team of leading experts from industry, academia and commercial research institutes, the emphasis throughout the book is on innovation, the relationship between business and science, and the improvement of sports performance. This is an essential reference for anybody working in sports technology, sports product design, sports engineering, biomechanics, ergonomics, sports business or applied sport science.

    Preface  Sustainable Sports Engineering  1. Sustainable Design of Sports Products- Aleksandar Subic , Adrian Mouritz and Olga Troynikov  2. Sustainable Manufacturing of Sports Products - Aleksandar Subic, Bahman Shabani, Mehdi Hedayati, Enda Crossin  Instrumentation Technology  3. Instrumentation of Sports Equipment - Franz Konstantin Fuss  4. Smart Devices and Technologies for Sports Equipment - Franz Konstantin Fuss  5. Instrumentation of athletes - Daniel Arthur James  6. Technologies in Exertion Games - Florian Floyd Mueller  Summer Mobility Sports  7. Design of Racing bicycles - Lachlan Thompson  8. Mountain Bike Technology - Robin C. Redfield  9. Rowing Equipment Technology - Alastair Campbell Ritchie, John Dominy  10. Sports Wheelchair Technologies - Franz Konstantin Fuss and Aleksandar Subic  Winter Mobility Sports  11. Cross country ski technology - Leonid Kuzmin, Franz Konstantin Fuss  12. Snowboard Technology - Patrick Clifton, Aleksandar Subic, Franz Konstantin Fuss  13. Ice Hockey Skate Design and Performance - Rene A Turcotte, David J Pearsall  Apparel and Protection Equipment  14. Design and Mechanics of Running Shoes - Franz Konstantin Fuss  15. Sports Apparel - Aleksandar Subic, Firoz Alam, Olga Troynikov, Len Brownlie  16. Sports Helmets - Aleksandar Subic, Firoz Alam and Monir Takla  17. Design and Mechanics of Mountaineering Equipment - Franz Konstantin Fuss, Günther Niegl  Sports Implements (racquets, clubs, bats, sticks)  18. Golf Club Construction, Design and Performance - Martin Strangwood, Carl Slater  19. Tennis Racquet Technology - Franz Konstantin Fuss, Aleksandar Subic and Rod Cross  20. Mechanical Behaviour of Baseball and Softball Bats - Lloyd Smith  21. Ice Hockey Stick Mechanics and Designs - Rene A Turcotte and David J Pearsall  Sports Balls  22. The Science and Engineering of Golf Balls - Martin Strangwood  23. Solid Mechanics and Aerodynamics of Cricket Balls - Franz Konstantin Fuss, Aleksandar Subic, Rabindra D. Mehta  24. Mechanical and Aerodynamic Behaviour of Baseballs and Softballs - Lloyd Smith, Jeff Kensrud  25. Hockey balls - Dan Ranga, Martin Strangwood  26. Oval Shaped Sports Balls: Aerodynamics, Friction and Bounce - Firoz Alam, Franz Konstantin Fuss , Aleksandar Subic  27. Aerodynamics and Court Interaction of Tennis Balls - Firoz Alam, Franz Konstantin Fuss, Rabindra Mehta and Aleksandar Subic  28. Aerodynamics and Construction of Modern Soccer Balls - Firoz Alam, Takeshi Asai, Rabindra Mehta and Aleksandar Subic  Sports Surfaces and Facilities  29. Artificial TurfPeter Sandkuehler, Allan McLennaghan, Thomas Allgeuer  30. Natural Turf Sports Surfaces - Iain T James  31. Design of Sports Facilities - Franz Konstantin Fuss


    Franz Konstantin Fuss is Professor of Sports Engineering and Technology at the School of Aerospace, Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, RMIT University, Australia. He is joint Editor-in-Chief of Sports Technology and Chair, Co-Chair and Organiser of Asia-Pacific Congress on Sports Technology (APCST) conferences. He was also a member of the Executive Committee of the International Sports Engineering Association (ISEA) and is a Co-Director of the Australian Sports Technology Network (ASTN).

    Aleksandar Subic is Professor and Head of the School of Aerospace, Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, RMIT University, Australia. He is joint Editor-in-Chief of Sports Technology and the Journal of Sustainable Design, and Chair, Co-Chair and Organiser of APCST conferences. He is also the past president of the ISEA.

    Martin Strangwood is Senior Lecturer at the School of Metallurgy and Materials, Birmingham University, UK. He is Editor-in-Chief of Sports Engineering.

    Rabindra Mehta is a research scientist in the Fluid Mechanics Laboratory at NASA Ames Research Center, USA, and a sports aerodynamics consultant. He is also joint Editor-in-Chief of Sports Technology.