1st Edition

Routledge Handbook of Tennis History, Culture and Politics

Edited By Robert Lake Copyright 2019
    500 Pages
    by Routledge

    500 Pages 7 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Tennis is one of the world’s most popular sports, as levels of participation and spectatorship demonstrate. Moreover, tennis has always been one of the world’s most significant sports, expressing crucial fractures of social class, gender, sexuality, race and ethnicity - both on and off court.

    This is the first book to undertake a survey of the historical and socio-cultural sweep of tennis, exploring key themes from governance, development and social inclusion to national identity and the role of the media. It is presented in three parts: historical developments; culture and representations; and politics and social issues, and features contributions by leading tennis scholars from North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

    The most authoritative book published to date on the history, culture and politics of tennis, this is an essential reference for any course or program examining the history, sociology, politics or culture of sport.

    1. Introduction to the History and Historiography of Tennis

    Robert J. Lake

    Part I: Historical Developments (Commercialization, Professionalization and the Creation of Tennis Celebrities; Globalization and Internationalization of Tennis)

    2. From Folk Game to Elite Pastime: Tennis and its Patrons

    Brad Hummel and Mark Dyreson

    3. Grass Roots: The Development of Tennis in Britain, 1918–1978

    Joyce Kay

    4. Coaching and Training in British Tennis: A History of Competing Ideals

    Robert J. Lake, Dave Day and Simon J. Eaves

    5. Golden Years and Golden Stars: International Women’s Tennis between the Wars

    Elizabeth Wilson

    6. A Transcendent Game Plan: Bill Tilden’s Rhetorical Strategy in Defying the USLTA

    John Carvalho and Michael Milford

    7. Fred Perry and the amateur-professional divide in British tennis between the wars

    Kevin Jefferys

    8. Boris Becker and Steffi Graf: German tennis, media images and national identity

    Kristian Naglo

    9. The Female Hero through the Cultural Lens: Comparing Framing of Li Na in Chinese and Western Media

    Steve Bien-Aimé, Haiyan Jia and Chun Yang

    10. The World’s Game? Globalization and the Cultural Economy of Tennis

    Barry Smart

    11. Jeu de Paume, Lawn Tennis and France’s National Identity from the 1870s to the Musketeers Era

    Patrick Clastres

    12. Lawn Tennis in Ireland: The Untold History, 1870-1914

    Simon J. Eaves and Tom Higgins

    13. Socio-cultural Transformations of Tennis in the Czech Republic

    Arnošt Svoboda and Dino Numerato

    14. A Brief Historical, Political and Social Analysis of Argentine Tennis

    Robert G. Rodriguez

    15. Indian Tennis: Past Perfect, Present Continuous, Future Tense

    Suvam Pal

    16. Tennis in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Region

    Mahfoud Amara

    Part II: Culture and Representations (Gender, Race, Class, the Arts and Media)

    17. Fashioning Competitive Lawn Tennis: Object, Image, and Reality in Women’s Tennis Dress 1884-1919

    Suzanne Rowland

    18. Wimbledon Women: Elite Amateur Tennis Players in the Mid-Twentieth Century

    Janine van Someren and Stephen Wagg

    19. Beyond the "Kournikova Phenomenon": Race and Beauty in a ‘Colorblind’ Culture

    Helen Ditouras

    20. Making Work out of Play: The Troubling Gender Performances of Bill Tilden

    Nathan Titman

    21. Your Racquet Should Do the Talking: Masculinity and Top - Class Tennis, 1930s to the Early Twenty First Century

    Stephen Wagg

    22. "You’ve Come a Long Way Baby" but When Will You Get to Deuce? The Media (Re)presentation of Women‘s Tennis in the Post Open Era

    John Vincent

    23. Veiled Hyper-Sexualization: Deciphering Strong is Beautiful as collective identity in the WTA’s global ad campaign

    Travis R. Bell and Janelle Applequist

    24. Warriors of the Court: Richard "Pancho" González, Rosie Casals and the History of U.S. Latino/as in Tennis

    José M. Alamillo

    25. Historical Changes in Playing Styles and Behavioural Etiquette in Tennis: Reflecting Broader Shifts in Social Class and Gender Relations

    Robert J. Lake

    26. The Seductions of Modern Tennis: Technical Invention, Social Practice, Literary Discourse

    Alexis Tadie

    27. Understanding Competitive Tennis through Literature and the Visual Arts: Society, Celebrity and Aesthetics

    Alexis Tadie

    28. The Literature of Tennis

    Jeffrey O. Segrave

    29. International Tennis Art

    Ann Sumner

    30. Tennis and the Media: A History of Shifting Attitudes toward Tennis Journalism and Broadcasting

    Robert J. Lake and Simon J. Eaves

    31. Exploring an Online Tennis Community

    Nadina Ayer and Ron McCarville

    32. Tennis & Social Media

    Katie Lebel and Karen Danylchuk

    Part III: Politics and Social Issues (Governance, Nationalism and Identity: Race, Gender, Class and Disability)

    33. Tennis Governance: A History of Political Power Struggles

    Robert J. Lake

    34. Defending the Grand Slam: Government Intervention, Urban Renewal and Keeping the Australian Open

    Alistair John and Brent McDonald

    35. Tennis and the Olympics: An Historical Examination of their On-Off Relationship since 1896

    Matthew P. Llewellyn and Robert J. Lake

    36. The Wimbledon Effect: The Tennis Championships as Changing National Symbol

    Stephen Wagg

    37. Andy Murray and the Borders of National Identities: (Re)Claiming a Tennis Champion

    John Harris

    38. Racial Politics in the History of American Tennis

    Sundiata Djata

    39. Arthur Ashe: Politics, Racism and Tennis

    Eric Allen Hall

    40. The Original 9: The Social Movement That Created Women’s Professional Tennis, 1968-1973

    Kristi Tredway

    41. Giving all women the chance: The Battle of the Sexes in Popular Culture

    Jessica Luther

    42. Break Point: Renée Richards and the Significance of Sex and Gender in Women’s Tennis

    Lindsay Parks Pieper

    43. Venus and Serena are "Doing It" for Themselves: Theorizing Sporting Celebrity, Marxism and Black Feminism for the Hip-Hop Generation

    Jayne O. Ifekwunigwe

    44. Wheelchair Tennis: Historical Development and Narratives of Play

    Linda K. Fuller

    45. A History of Social Exclusion in British Tennis: From Grass Roots to the Elite Level

    Robert J. Lake



    Robert J. Lake (Editor) is Instructor in the Department of Sport Science at Douglas College, Canada. He has written on numerous socio-historical aspects of tennis including social class, gender, national identity, media, coaching and talent development policy. His first book A Social History of Tennis in Britain (Routledge, 2015) won the Lord Aberdare Literary Prize in 2016 awarded by the British Society of Sports History.

    Carol A. Osborne (Assistant Editor) is Senior Lecturer in Sport and Social Sciences at Leeds Beckett University, UK. Her research focuses on women in sports history and gender relations in sport. She sat on the executive committee of the British Society of Sports History (BSSH) 2007–17 and has worked as an independent History Consultant with the UK-based Sporting Heritage CIC.