2nd Edition

Routledge Handbook of Youth and Young Adulthood

Edited By Andy Furlong Copyright 2017
    466 Pages 11 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    482 Pages 11 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    The second and completely revised edition of the Routledge Handbook of Youth and Young Adulthood draws on the work of leading academics from four continents in order to introduce up-to-date perspectives on a wide range of issues that affect and shape youth and young adulthood. It provides a multi-disciplinary overview of a dynamic field of study that offers unique insights on social change in advanced societies. It is aimed at researchers, policy-makers and advanced students on a global level.

    The Handbook introduces the main theoretical perspectives used within youth studies and sets out future research agendas. Each of the ten sections covers an important area of research – from education and the labour market to youth cultures, health and crime – discussing change and continuity in the lives of young people, introducing readers to some of the most important work in the field, while highlighting the underlying perspectives that have been used to understand the complexity of modern youth and young adulthood.

    Part I: Reconceptualising Youth Transitions

    1. The Changing Landscape of Youth and Young Adulthood, (Andy Furlong)

    2. Socio-economic Reproduction, (Ken Roberts)

    3. The Sociology of Generations and Youth Studies, (Dan Woodman)

    4. Youth and Reflexive Life Management, (Rachel Thomson)

    5. The Emergence of Emerging Adulthood: The New Life Stage Between Adolescence and Young Adulthood, (Jennifer Lynn Tanner and Jeffrey Arnett)

    Part II: Divisions

    6. Young People and Social Class, (Steven Roberts)

    7. Post-crisis: Youth, Identity, Class and Gender, (Linda McDowell)

    8. Young People, Race and Ethnicity, (Anoop Nayak)

    9. Youth and Disability: Growing Up, Getting Out, Getting On?, (Alan Roulstone)

    10. Young Refugees, (Elizabeth Heger Boyle and Jasmine Trang Ha)

    Part III: Education

    11. Educating for Late Modernity, (Johanna Wyn )

    12. The Influence of Basic Skills and Literacy Practices on Youth Transitions and Identities, (Mark Cieslik and Donald Simpson)

    13. Young People and Higher Education, (Rachel Brooks)

    14. Vocationalism, (David B. Bills, Lukas Graf and Paula Protsch)

    15. Vocational Education and Training (VET) and the Transition from School to Work – Challenges and Dilemmas, (Jan Skrobenek)

    Part IV: Employment

    16. Changing Experiences of Work, (Jeylan T. Mortimer)

    17. "Youth Unemployment", (Niall O’Higgins)

    18. Precarious Work: The Growing Precarité of Youth, (Robert MacDonald)

    19. NEETs in European Agenda: Characteristics and Policy Debate, (Massimiliano Mascherini)

    20. Urban Chinese Youth, (Alex Cockain)

    21. Youth Entrepreneurship: A Developmental Systems Perspective, (G. John Geldhof, Sara K. Johnson, Michelle B. Weiner, Dustin Hunt and Richard M. Lerner)

    Part V: Dependency

    22. Leaving the Parental Home as a Transition Marker to Adulthood, (Anne Berngruber)

    23. Young, Free and Single? Young Adults and Independent Living Arrangements, (Sue Heath)

    24. Intergenerational Support During the Transition to Adulthood, (Teresa Toguchi Swartz and Kirsten Bengtson O’Brien)

    25. Early Childbearing in the New Era f Delayed Adulthood, (Frank Furstenberg Jr.)

    26. Conceptualisations of Youth Homelessness and the Role of The Family, (Justin Barker )

    Part VI: Youth Culture

    27. Cultural transitions: celebrity and young people’s aspirations, (Kim Allen, Heather Mendick, Laura Harvey and Aisha Ahmad)

    28. Young Adults and the Night-Time Economy, (Robert G. Hollands)

    29. Youth and Consumer Markets, (Amy L. Best and Randy Lynn)

    30. Spectacular Soundtracks: Youth and Music, (Andy Bennett)

    31. Young People and Intoxication: Illegal Drugs, Alcohol and Legal Highs, (Shane Blackman)

    32. Spectacular Youth? Young People’s Fashion and Style, (Paul Hodkinson)

    33. Young Cyborgs? Youth and the Digital Age, ( Kate C. Tilleczek & Ron Srigley)

    Part VII: Civic Engagement and Disengagement

    34. Youth Political Participation in Europe: A New Participatory Landscape, (James Sloam )

    35. Young People, Politics and Citizenship, (Anita Harris)

    36. Do the Young Still Need Trade Unions and do Unions Want Them?, (Glynne Williams and Martin Quinn)

    37. Understanding Online Activism in Transition Society, (Airi-Alina Allaste and David Cairns)

    38. Young People and Armed Conflict, (Colette Daiute)

    Part VIII: Physical and Mental Health

    39. Health in Youth: Changing Times and Changing Influences, (Patrick West)

    40. Sexualities and Gender-Based Research in Youth Studies, (Deevia Bhana)

    41. The Social Context of Youth Mental Health, (Evelina Landstedt and Julia Coffey)

    42. Pathways Linking Social Class to Smoking, Drinking and Psychiatric Distress, (Michael Green)

    Part IX: Identities, Values and Beliefs

    43. Youth-Identity Studies: History, Controversies and Future Directions, (James E. Côté)

    44. Young People, Islam and the Significance of Religious Identities in British Society, (Louise Ryan)

    45. The Influence of Aspirations on Educational and Occupational Outcomes, (Nathan Jones and Barbara Schneider)

    46. Young People and the Coming of the 3rd Industrial Revolution: New Work Ethics and the Self as Enterprise after the GFC, after neo-Liberalism, (Peter Kelly)

    47. Understanding the Sexual Lives of Young People, (Janet Holland)

    Part X: Crime and Deviance

    48. Young People and Desistance, (Briege Nugent and Fergus McNeill)

    49. Young People and Anti-Social Behaviour, (Alan France)

    50. Youth in a World of Gangs, (John M. Hagedorn)

    51. Young People, Crime and Justice, (Rob White)

    52.Experiencing Youth Justice and Penality, (Siobhán Mcalister and Nicola Carr)


    Andy Furlong is Professor in the School of Education of Sociology at the University of Glasgow and Dean of Research in the College of Social Sciences. He is editor of the Journal of Youth Studies, co-author of the influential book Young People and Social Change (2007 2nd Edition) and author of Youth Studies: An Introduction.