1st Edition

Routledge Handbook of the Chinese Diaspora

Edited By Chee-Beng Tan Copyright 2013
    522 Pages 23 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    528 Pages 38 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    With around 40 million people worldwide, the ethnic Chinese and the Chinese in diaspora form the largest diaspora in the world. The economic reform of China which began in the late 1970s marked a huge phase of migration from China, and the new migrants, many of whom were well educated, have had a major impact on local societies and on China.

    This is the first interdisciplinary Handbook to examine the Chinese diaspora, and provides a comprehensive analysis of the processes and effects of Chinese migration under the headings of:

    • Population and distribution
    • Mainland China and Taiwan’s policies on the Chinese overseas
    • Migration: past and present
    • Economic and political involvement
    • Localization, transnational networks and identity
    • Education, literature and media

    The Routledge Handbook of the Chinese Diaspora brings together a significant number of specialists from a number of diverse disciplines and covers the major areas of the study of Chinese overseas. This Handbook is therefore an important and valuable reference work for students, scholars and policy makers worldwide who wish to understand the global phenomena of Chinese migration, transnational connections and their cultural and identity transformation.

    Introduction Tan Chee-Beng  Part I Population and distribution 1. The Chinese overseas population Peter S. Li and Eva Xiaoling Li  Part II Mainland China and Taiwan’s policies on the Chinese overseas 2. China's policies on Chinese overseas: past and present Zhuang Guotu 3. The evolution of Taiwan's policies toward the political participation of citizens abroad in homeland governance Pei-te Lien and Dean Chen 4. China’s African policy and the Chinese immigrants in Africa Li Anshan  Part III Migration: past and present 5. Chinese coolie emigration, 1845-1874 Yen Ching-hwang 6. Integration and exclusion: The Chinese in multiracial Latin America and the Caribbean Evelyn Hu-DeHart 7. Mountains of gold: Canada, North America, and the Cantonese Pacific Henry Yu 8. From sojourning to settlement to transnationalism: transformations of the Chinese immigrant community in America Philip Q. Yang 9. Ethnic Chinese in the European economy: risk and the transnational ethnic enclave Flemming Christiansen 10. Chinese immigration to Australia and New Zealand: government policies and race relations Manying Ip 11. The Chinese in South Africa: five centuries, five trajectories Karen L Harris 12. The Chinese in Russia Alexander G. Larin 13. The Chinese in South Asia Zhang Xing and Tansen Sen 14. Negotiating transnational migration: marriage and changing gender roles among the Chinese diaspora Huping Ling  Part IV Economic and political involvement 15. Southeast Asian Chinese business and regional economic development Linda Y.C. Lim 16. The Chinese in Europe: population, economy and links with qiaoxiang in the early twenty-first century Li Minghuan 17. Southeast Asian government policies towards the ethnic Chinese: a revisit Leo Suryadinata 18. Globalization and localization of the Chinese diaspora in the United States Bernard P.Wong 19. Stateless or belonging to Taiwan or PRC?:nationality and passport of overseas Chinese Lara CHEN Tien-shi 20. Chinese overseas and Communist movements in Southeast Asia Hara Fujio  Part V Localization, transnational networks and identity 21. Diaspora and hybridity: Peranakan Chinese culture in Indonesia Charles Coppel 22. Changing Identities of the Chinese in the Anglophone Caribbean: A Focus on Jamaica Yoshiko Shibata 23. New immigrants: a new community? The Chinese community in Peru in complete transformation Isabelle Lausent-Herrera 24. The Chinese diaspora: from China to Thailand to the United States Jiemin Bao 25. Tianhou and the Chinese in Diaspora Tan Chee-Beng  Part VI Education, literature, and media 26. China's rise and (trans)national connections: the global diasporic Chinese mediasphere Wanning Sun 27. Chinese education, Chinese media and Chinese overseas Chia Oai Peng 28. Chinese diaspora and their literature in Chinese Yow Cheun Hoe 29. U.S. immigration laws and Chinese American literature Wenying Xu


    Tan Chee-Beng is Professor at the Department of Anthropology, Sun Yat-sen University, China.