1st Edition

Routledge Handbook of the Chinese Economy

Edited By Gregory C. Chow, Dwight H. Perkins Copyright 2014
    ISBN 9780367867669
    372 Pages
    Published December 12, 2019 by Routledge

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    372 Pages 74 B/W Illustrations
    Published August 1, 2014 by Routledge

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    China's rapid rise to become the world's second largest economy has resulted in an unprecedented impact on the global system and an urgent need to understand the more about the newest economic superpower.

    The Routledge Handbook of the Chinese Economy is an advanced-level reference guide which surveys the current economic situation in China and its integration into the global economy. An internationally renowned line-up of scholars contribute chapters on the key components of the contemporary economy and their historical foundations.

    Topics covered include:

    • the history of the Chinese economy from ancient times onwards;

    • economic growth and development;

    • population, the labor market, income distribution, and poverty;

    • legal, political, and financial institutions; and

    • foreign trade and investments.

    Offering a cutting-edge overview of the Chinese economy, the Handbook is an invaluable resource for academics, researchers, economists, graduate, and undergraduate students studying this ever-evolving field.

    1. The Characteristic of China's Traditional Economy

    2. The Late Qing Dynasty to the Early Republic of China: A Period of Great Institutional Transformation

    3. The Centrally Planned Command Economy, 1949-1984

    4. China's Economic Reform: Processes, Issues and Prospects, 1978-2012

    5. Economic Growth and Development

    6. Population in China: Changes and Future Perspectives

    7. A Labor Market with Chinese Characteristics

    8. The Chinese Savings Puzzles

    9. Macroeconomic Management of the Chinese Economy Since the 1990s

    10. Trends in Income Inequality in China since the 1950s

    11. China's Agriculture: Past Failures, Present Successes and Enabling Policies

    12. State and Non-State Enterprises in China's Economic Transition

    13. Foreign Trade of China

    14. China's Inbound and Outbound Foreign Direct Investment

    15. Banking and Financial Institutions

    16. Law and the Economy in China 

    17. Political Mechanisms and Corruption 

    18. Energy and Environmental Issues and Policy in China

    19. The Future of the Chinese Economy


    Gregory C. Chow is Professor of Economics and Class of 1913 Professor of Political Economy, emeritus, at Princeton University, USA and has been on the Princeton faculty since 1970.

    Dwight H. Perkins is the Harold Hitchings Burbank Professor of Political Economy, emeritus, at Harvard University, USA and has been on the Harvard faculty since 1963.

    "In this volume, Gregory Chow and Dwight Perkins assemble a global array of authors to provide a comprehensive account of China’s economic development both before and after the reform initiatives of the late 1970s. While many of the contributors focus on institutions, policies and outcomes at the national level, detailed accounts by reform participants Wu Jinglian and Yi Gang along with an iconoclastic essay by Lynn White provide readers with unusual insight into the operational mechanisms of China’s political economy."Thomas G. Rawski, Professor of Economics and History, University of Pittsburgh, USA

    "The Routledge Handbook of the Chinese Economy excels in the breadth of its contributors and topics. Professors Chow and Perkins have assembled an all-star group of authors ranging from international academic leaders to those with relevant experience within the Chinese government. Topics range from historical perspectives to current economic issues on the road to reform. Anyone interested in the Chinese economy will find this handbook a must read."Burton G. Malkiel, Professor of Economics, Princeton University, USA

    "Gregory Chow and Dwight Perkins, two giants in economic science, were major figures in helping to start the process of training Chinese students in modern economics in 1986 through their chairmen-ship of the US-China Committee on Economics Education and Research at the U.S. National Academy of Sciences. We must thank them again now for sharing with us some of the significant fruits of that transformational training program. The many excellent articles in this Handbook on a broad range of topics make it indispensable to the library of a China scholar."Wing Thye Woo, Professor of Economics, University of California, Davis, USA

    "Many top names in the subject are to be found in this collection, such as those the editors themselve

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