1st Edition

Routledge Handbook on Consumption

    488 Pages 3 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    508 Pages 3 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Consumption research is burgeoning across a wide range of disciplines. The Routledge Handbook on Consumption gathers experts from around the world to provide a nuanced overview of the latest scholarship in this expanding field. At once ambitious and timely, the volume provides an ideal map for those looking to position their work, find new analytic insights and identify research gaps. With an intuitive thematic structure and resolutely international outlook, it engages with theory and methodology; markets and businesses; policies, politics and the state; and culture and everyday life. It will be essential reading for students and scholars across the social and economic sciences.

    1. Consumption Research Revisited: Charting of the Territory and Introducing the Handbook, (Bente Halkier, Margit Keller, Monica Truninger and Terhi-Anna Wilska)

    Part 1: Theoretical & Methodological Perspectives on Consumption

    2. Consumer Culture Theory, (Russell Belk)

    3. Studying Consumption through the Lens of Practice, (Alan Warde, Daniel Welch and Jessica Paddock)

    4 Methods and Methods' Debates within Consumption Research, (Bente Halkier)

    5 Ruminations on the Current State of Consumer Ethnography, (Robert V. Kozinets and Eric J. Arnould)

    Part 2: Consumers and Markets: Introduction

    6. Marketing and Consumer Research: An Uneasy Relationship, (Matthias Bode and Søren Askegaard)

    7 Consumers and Brands: How Consumers Co-create, (Siwarit Pongsakornrungsilp and Jonathan E. Schroeder)

    8. From Production and Consumption to Prosumption: A Personal Journey and Its Larger Context, (George Ritzer)

    9. Collaborative Consumption and Sharing Economies, (Stefan Wahlen and Mikko Laamanen)

    10. Crises and Consumption, (Sebastian Koos)

    Part 3: Global Challenges in Consumption: Introduction

    11. Consumption in the Web of Local and Global Relations of Dominance and Belonging, (Güliz Ger)

    12. China – The Emerging Consumer Power, (LiAnne Yu)

    13. Consumption in Brazil – The Field of New Consumer Studies and the Phenomenon of the "New Middle Classes", (Livia Barbosa and John Wilkinson)

    14. Russia: Postsocialist Consumer Culture, (Olga Gurova)

    15. Bridging North / South Divides Through Consumer Driven Networks, (Laura T. Raynolds)

    Part 4: Politics and Policies of Consumption: Introduction

    16. Political Consumption – Citizenship and Consumerism, (Eivind Jacobsen)

    17. Food Labelling as a Response to Political Consumption: Effects and Contradictions, (Adrian Evans and Mara Miele)

    18. Consumption Policies within Different Theoretical Frameworks, (Dale Southerton and David Evans)

    19. Citizen-Consumers: Consumer Protection and Empowerment, (Arne Dulsrud)

    20. Practice Change and Interventions into Consumers' Everyday Lives, (Margit Keller and Triin Vihalemm)

    21. Behaviorally Informed Consumer Policy: Research and Policy for "Humans", (Lucia A. Reisch and John B. Thøgersen)

    Part 5: Consumption and Social Divisions : Introduction

    22. Poverty, Financing and Social Exclusion in Consumption Research, (Pernille Hohnen)

    23. Poverty and Food (In)security, (Monica Truninger and Cecilia Díaz-Méndez)

    24. Materiality, Migration and Cultural Diversity, (Marta Vilar Rosales)

    25. Gender, Sexuality and Consumption, (Pauline Maclaran, Cele C. Otnes and Linda Tuncay Zayer)

    26. Children as Consumers, (David Buckingham and Vebjørg Tingstad)

    27. Youth and Generations in Consumption, (Terhi-Anna Wilska)

    28. Aging and Consumption, (Carol Kelleher and Lisa Peñaloza)

    Part 6: Contested Consumption: Introduction

    29. Sustainable Consumption and Changing Practices, (Matt Watson)

    30. Structural Conditions for and against Sustainable Ways of Consuming, (Bas van Vliet and Gert Spaargaren)

    31. Retail Sector Facing the Challenge of Sustainable Consumption, (Mikael Klintman)

    32. Sexual Embodiment and Consumption, (Sue Scott)

    33. Taste and Embodied Practice, (Melissa L. Caldwell)

    34 Health, Bodies and Active Leisure, (Roberta Sassatelli)

    Part 7: Culture, Media and Consumption: Introduction

    35. Consumption of Culture and Lifestyles, (Tally Katz-Gerro)

    36. Consumption of Leisure, (Jennifer Smith Maguire)

    37. Fashion in Consumer Culture, (Laurie A. Meamber, Annamma Joy and Alladi Venkatesh)

    38. Luxury Consumption and Luxury Brands: Past, Present, and Future, (Annamma Joy, Russell Belk and Rishi Bhardwaj)

    39. Social Media Consumer as Digital Avatar, (Alladi Venkatesh and Duygu Akdevelioglu)

    40. Digital Consumption, (Minna Ruckenstein)


    Dr. Margit Keller is a senior researcher in social communication in the Institute of Social Studies, at the University of Tartu, Estonia. She chairs the Research Network of Sociology of Consumption in the European Sociological Association.

    Dr. Bente Halkier is a professor of sociology in the Department of Sociology, at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

    Dr. Terhi-Anna Wilska is a professor of sociology in the Faculty of Social Sciences, at the University of Jyväskylä, Finland.

    Dr. Monica Truninger is a senior research fellow in the Institute of Social Sciences, at the University of Lisbon, Portugal.