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Routledge Hindu Studies Series

About the Series

This series, in association with the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies, intends primarily  the publication of constructive Hindu theological, philosophical and ethical projects aimed at bringing Hindu traditions into dialogue with contemporary trends in scholarship and contemporary society. The series invites original, high quality, research level work on religion, culture and society of Hindus living in India and abroad. Proposals for annotated translations of important primary sources and studies in the history of the Hindu religious traditions will also be considered.

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Indian Thought and Western Theism The Vedānta of Rāmānuja

Indian Thought and Western Theism: The Vedānta of Rāmānuja

1st Edition

By Martin Ganeri
May 25, 2017

The encounter between the West and India in the modern period has also been an encounter between Western modernity and the traditions of classical Indian thought. This book is the study of one aspect this encounter, that between Western scholasticism and one classical Indian tradition of religious ...

Hindu Images and their Worship with special reference to Vaisnavism A philosophical-theological inquiry

Hindu Images and their Worship with special reference to Vaisnavism: A philosophical-theological inquiry

1st Edition

By Julius J. Lipner
April 20, 2017

Hinduism comprises perhaps the major cluster of religio-cultural traditions of India, and it can play a valuable role in helping us understand the nature of religion and human responses to life. Hindu image-worship lies at the core of what counts for Hinduism – up-front and subject to much ...

The Other Ramayana Women Regional Rejection and Response

The Other Ramayana Women: Regional Rejection and Response

1st Edition

Edited By John Brockington, Mary Brockington
June 06, 2016

This book is the first to present current scholarship on gender and in regional and sectarian versions of the Rāmāyaṇa. Contributors explore in what ways the versions relate to other Rāmāyaṇa texts as they deal with the female persona and the cultural values implicit in them. Using a wide variety ...

Pilgrimage in the Hindu Tradition Salvific Space

Pilgrimage in the Hindu Tradition: Salvific Space

1st Edition

By Knut A. Jacobsen
August 19, 2015

Salvific space is one of the central ideas in the Hindu traditions of pilgrimage, and concerns the ability of space, especially sites associated with bodies of water such as rivers and lakes, to grant salvific rewards. Focusing on religious, historical and sociological questions about the ...

Hindu Perspectives on Evolution Darwin, Dharma, and Design

Hindu Perspectives on Evolution: Darwin, Dharma, and Design

1st Edition

By C. Mackenzie Brown
July 31, 2015

Providing new insights into the contemporary creationist-evolution debates, this book looks at the Hindu cultural-religious traditions of India, the Hindu Dharma traditions. By focusing on the interaction of religion and science in a Hindu context, it offers a global context for understanding ...

Religion, Narrative and Public Imagination in South Asia Past and Place in the Sanskrit Mahabharata

Religion, Narrative and Public Imagination in South Asia: Past and Place in the Sanskrit Mahabharata

1st Edition

By James Hegarty
July 22, 2015

The Sanskrit Mahabharata is one of the greatest works of world literature and pivotal for the understanding of both Hindu traditions and wider society in ancient, medieval and modern South Asia. This book presents a new synthesis of philological, anthropological and cognitive-linguistic method and ...

Interpreting Devotion The Poetry and Legacy of a Female Bhakti Saint of India

Interpreting Devotion: The Poetry and Legacy of a Female Bhakti Saint of India

1st Edition

By Karen Pechilis
July 16, 2015

Devotion is a category of expression in many of the world’s religious traditions. This book looks at issues involved in academically interpreting religious devotion, as well as exploring the interpretations of religious devotion made by a sixth century poet, a twelfth century biographer, and ...

The Chaitanya Vaishnava Vedanta of Jiva Gosvami When Knowledge Meets Devotion

The Chaitanya Vaishnava Vedanta of Jiva Gosvami: When Knowledge Meets Devotion

1st Edition

By Ravi M. Gupta
September 11, 2014

The Chaitanya Vaishnava tradition is famous for its depth of devotion to Krishna, the blue-hued Deity. Chaitanya Vaishnavas are known for having refined the practice and aesthetics of devotion into a sophisticated science. This imposing devotional edifice was constructed upon a solid foundation of ...

Consciousness in Indian Philosophy The Advaita Doctrine of ‘Awareness Only’

Consciousness in Indian Philosophy: The Advaita Doctrine of ‘Awareness Only’

1st Edition

By Sthaneshwar Timalsina
April 28, 2014

This book focuses on the analysis of pure consciousness as found in Advaita Vedanta, one of the main schools of Indian philosophy. According to this tradition, reality is identified as Brahman, the world is considered illusory, and the individual self is identified with the absolute reality. ...

Attending Krishna's Image Chaitanya Vaishnava Murti-seva as Devotional Truth

Attending Krishna's Image: Chaitanya Vaishnava Murti-seva as Devotional Truth

1st Edition

By Kenneth Russell Valpey
December 19, 2013

There is a steady and growing scholarly, as well as popular interest in Hindu religion – especially devotional (bhakti) traditions as forms of spiritual practice and expressions of divine embodiment. Associated with this is the attention to sacred images and their worship. Attending Krishna's...

Advaita Vedanta and Vaisnavism The Philosophy of Madhusudana Sarasvati

Advaita Vedanta and Vaisnavism: The Philosophy of Madhusudana Sarasvati

1st Edition

By Sanjukta Gupta
September 03, 2013

In Indian philosophy and theology, the ideology of Vedanta occupies an important position. Hindu religious sects accept the Vedantic soteriology, which believes that there is only one conscious reality, Brahman from which the entire creation, both conscious and non-conscious, emanated. Madhusudana...

Classical Samkhya and Yoga An Indian Metaphysics of Experience

Classical Samkhya and Yoga: An Indian Metaphysics of Experience

1st Edition

By Mikel Burley
September 10, 2012

Samkhya and Yoga are two of the oldest and most influential systems of classical Indian philosophy. This book provides a thorough analysis of the systems in order to fully understand Indian philosophy. Placing particular emphasis on the metaphysical schema which underlies both concepts, the author ...

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