1st Edition

Routledge History of Philosophy Volume VII The Nineteenth Century

Edited By C. L. Ten Copyright 1994

    The Nineteenth Century provides a broad, scholarly introduction to nineteenth-century philosophy. It also contains a glossary of philosophical terms and a chronological table of philosophical and cultural events.

    1. The early utilitarians: James Mill and Bentham G.L. Williams , University of Sheffield2. Whewell's philosophy of science and ethics Struan Jacobs , Deakins University3. J.S. Mill: ethics and politics R.F. Khan , Monash University4. J.S. Mill: logic and metaphysics John Skorupski , University of St Andrews5. Sidgwick's ethics C.A.J. Coady , University of Melbourne6. Comte and positivism Robert Brown , Australian National University7. Nietzsche Robin Small , Monash University8. Dilthey Michael Lessnoff , Glasgow University9. Logic and the philosophy of mathematics in the 19th century J.C. Stillwell , Monash University10. 19th century philosophy of biology Jagdish Hattiangadi , York University, Canada11. 19th century philosophy of psychology Edward S. Reed , Franklin and Marshall College12. American pragmatism: Peirce Cheryl Misak , University of Toronto13. American pragmatism: James J.E. Tiles , University of Hawaii at Manoa14. Green and Bosanquet Gerald F. Gaus , University of Minnesota15. Bradley T.L.S. Sprigge , University of Edinburgh


    C. L. Ten

    ` ... a valuable addition to the literature of the Western philosophical tradition ... Recommended for all academic libraries.' - Library Journal