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Routledge-IAL Series on Adult Learning for Emergent Jobs and Skills

About the Series

This Book Series, supported by the Singapore Institute for Adult Learning (IAL), provides a platform for publishing research and practical volumes on topics related to adult learning, emergent jobs and skills particularly in economies that are filled with volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity, VUCA economics, changing social and economic circumstances, and social and economic inclusivity. The Series is interested in:

    • exploring the ontology and epistemology of educational content suitable for teaching adult learners, particularly in comparison with school education;
    • works that explore the specific pedagogical/andragogic/geragogic approaches that would optimize adult learning;
    • exploring how to meet the needs of adults in their learning agenda in the face of fast changing social and economic circumstances that will be reflected in, or preceded by, emergent jobs and skills because of changing market demands;
    • exploring the role of adult learning in addressing social and economic challenges and in empowering individuals to lead fulfilling and productive lives;
    • understanding the relationship between individual’s career choices, learning and well-being; and
    • reviewing and exploring the role of the education system, particularly universities in supporting adult learning in the fast-changing economic and social circumstances, which bring about technological disruption and job disruption.

The books in the series are for graduate and post-graduate students, academics and practitioners such as adult educators, human resource personnel, and consultants who are change agents.

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