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Routledge International Focus on Death and Funeral Practices

About the Series

Death Studies is an international and interdisciplinary endeavour and encompasses an interest in all mortality-related themes. This series of shortform books provides essential information on death and funeral practices in countries throughout the world.

Creating a common framework for understanding funeral rituals rests on definition and the description of processes, events and rituals which ostensibly appear the same but in actuality are markedly different, country to country. Each book has the same basic structure, which incorporates:

  • historic, contextual background to understand how funeral practices have developed;
  • burial and cremation rates, and change over time;
  • an outline of key legislation guiding death registration, the funeral industry and cemetery and crematorium provision;
  • what happens in the event of a death;
  • an overview of the funeral industry including the ways in which funeral directing services are delivered and the balance of state/private involvement in funeral directing business;
  • the cost of funerals and how they are paid for;
  • church involvement in funerals and arrangements made for minority religious groups;
  • a full and detailed description of a typical funeral;
  • the provision of cemetery and crematorium services;
  • patterns of commemoration

Fully referenced, and supported by relevant images, figures and tables, books in the series provide an essential research resource on practices, the law, and funeral-related procedures around the world. Collectively, the series provides an invaluable framework for international comparison.

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Death and Funeral Practices in Poland

Death and Funeral Practices in Poland

1st Edition

Edited By Anna E. Kubiak, Anna Długozima, Agnieszka Wedeł-Domaradzka
September 30, 2023

This book provides a shortform definitive reference text on funerary practice in Poland. An overview of the important features of the Polish funeral law, funerals, cremations, cemeteries, and funeral industry, the book also covers the demographic characteristic of mortality in Poland. Drawing on ...

Death and Funeral Practices in Portugal

Death and Funeral Practices in Portugal

1st Edition

By Rafaela Ferraz Ferreira, Ana Júlia Almeida Miranda, Francisco Queiroz
April 01, 2022

Academic studies on death and cemeteries are relatively recent in Portugal; those that do exist tend to adopt an essentially historical and artistic point of view. Studies on the practicalities of managing the dead and their spaces are even more recent, and they do not yet form a cohesive body of ...

Death and Funeral Practices in Russia

Death and Funeral Practices in Russia

1st Edition

By Sergei Mokhov
November 19, 2021

Built on original ethnographic research conducted by the author, this book offers a highly detailed and comprehensive account of funerary history and practices in Russia. Death and Funeral Practices in Russia provides rich data on mortality statistics, trends in the funeral market in contemporary ...

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