1st Edition

Routledge International Handbook of Adventure Tourism

Edited By Gill Pomfret, Adele Doran, Carl Cater Copyright 2025
    504 Pages 80 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This handbook presents the latest research, industry trends, developments and initiatives in adventure tourism. It explores conceptualisations of adventure tourism, historical and intellectual developments, insights into adventure tourists and the supply-side of adventure tourism, and sustainable and inclusive adventure tourism.

    With contributions from leading, international, researchers, 28 chapters are organised into four thematic parts, to provide a comprehensive overview of adventure tourism. The book presents core topics within the field as well as contemporary themes, debates and challenges within the industry. It adopts a multidisciplinary approach which draws on and applies current research from disciplines including tourism, recreation, sport and psychology to adventure tourism. As such, it presents different ways of examining this form of tourism, expands knowledge on recent developments, and discusses the major claims in this field. It explores topics such as instant accessible adventures, the increasing use of technology by adventure tourists and industry, and the wellbeing of tourists, destinations and communities. The handbook informs the reader of how literature translates into practice across different adventure tourism operations. It also investigates some of the key challenges affecting the adventure tourism industry and presents practical solutions and initiatives to overcome these. Case studies and vignettes are embedded throughout the handbook to illustrate practitioner perspectives, and each chapter includes learning outcomes and review questions to encourage readers to further consolidate their understanding.

    The handbook is intended for undergraduates, postgraduates, doctoral candidates, early career, and more established researchers interested in the fields of adventure tourism and related disciplines, such as adventure recreation, outdoor leadership and outdoor education. It is useful for industry organisations, policymakers, professionals and those working towards outdoor activity qualifications. It is also a valuable resource to support related modules on sustainable tourism, consumer behaviour and marketing in tourism.


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    PART 1

    Adventure tourism: An introduction




    1.     Conceptualisations of adventure tourism

    Outi Rantala, Gill Pomfret and Adele Doran


    2.     History of adventure tourism

    Carl Cater


    3.     The idea of adventure: From human conquest to being-with the world

    Peter Varley and Simon Beames


    4.     Emerging and transformational trends in issues related to adventure tourism and recreation

    Alan Ewert, Amy DiRenzo and Jon Frankel


    5.     Quantitative research methods in adventure tourism

    Tahir Albayrak and Meltem Caber


    6.     Qualitative methods in adventure tourism research

    Tove Dahl, Tim Dassler and Arild Røkenes


    PART 2

    Consumers of adventure tourism




    7.     The adventure tourist

    Gill Pomfret


    8.     Adventure tourism segmentation

    Melissa J Lötter


    9.     Adventure tourism and tourist experience: Revisiting diversity and inclusion

    Vinathe Sharma-Brymer, Eric Brymer and Soumya Mitra


    10.  Adventure tourism in South Korea and Taiwan: Through the lens of colonial modernity

    Young Sook Lee and Ming Feng Huang


    11.  Adventure tourists and technology

    Ingo Janowski, Sarah Gardiner and Anna Kwek


    12.  Psychological wellbeing and adventure tourism: Implications for people and places

    Susan Houge Mackenzie


    PART 3

    The supply of adventure tourism




    13.  The structure of the adventure tourism industry

    Manuel Sand and Sven Gross


    14.  Sustainable adventure tourism products and destinations

    Jelena Farkić and Steve Taylor


    15.  Balancing experience production, safety legislation and protection of the environment in adventure tourism

    Arild Røkenes and Sigmund Andersen


    16.  Risk management for guides and adventure businesses

    Jon Heshka


    17.  Adventure tourism leadership that SELLS

    Jason King, Christopher Webber and Ashley Hardwell


    18.  The adventure tourism professional: Becoming and being a guide

    Tamara Griffiths, Matt Groves and Peter White


    19.  Experiential marketing and value co-creation in adventure tourism

    May Kristin Vespestad


    20.  Technology and adventure tourism management

    Cam O’Beirne


    PART 4

    Inclusive and sustainable adventure tourism




    21.  Adventure tourism and climate change

    Claire Backhouse and Steven Gillespie


    22.  Environmental management of adventure tourism

    David Huddart


    23.  Adventure tour operators in natural areas: Unpacking values in national parks

    Eric (Po Yu) Wang, Tamara Young and Kevin Lyons


    24.  Host community involvement in adventure tourism

    Chiedza N. Mutanga, Monkgogi Lenao and Joespeh E. Mbaiwa


    25.  Indigenous adventure tourism and authenticity

    Juha Saunavaara and Takafumi Fukuyama


    26.  Gender and adventure tourism

    Maggie C. Miller and Jenny Cave


    27.  Outdoor and adventure activities as a space of refuge for LGBTQ+ people

    Bart Bloem Herraiz and Celia Velo Camacho


    28.  Disability and accessible adventure tourism

    Jasmine Goodnow and Kristen Chmielewski


    Gill Pomfret PhD is an Associate Professor in Tourism at Sheffield Hallam University (UK). Her research focuses on consumer behaviour in tourism, primarily psychological aspects of adventure tourists, and different types including mountaineer tourists and family adventure tourists.

    Adele Doran PhD is a researcher and consultant of adventure tourism and outdoor recreation. Her research focuses on the experiences of outdoor adventure participants, including their motivations, barriers, and well-being; equality, diversity, and inclusivity in outdoor adventure; responsible behaviour in and custodianship of the outdoors; adventure media and marketing; and decent work within the outdoor sector.

    Carl Cater PhD is an Associate Professor in tourism at Swansea University in Wales and a visiting Professor at the University of Highlands and Islands, Scotland. A geographer at heart, his research centres on adventure tourism and ecotourism, and their contribution to development.