2nd Edition

Routledge International Handbook of Contemporary Social and Political Theory

Edited By Gerard Delanty, Stephen P. Turner Copyright 2022
    630 Pages 1 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    630 Pages 1 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    The triangular relationship between the social, the political, and the cultural has opened up social and political theory to new challenges. The social can no longer be reduced to the category of society, and the political extends beyond the traditional concerns of the nature of the state and political authority.

    This Handbook will address a range of issues that have recently emerged from the disciplines of social and political theory, focusing on key themes as opposed to schools of thought or major theorists. It is divided into three sections which address:

    • the most influential theoretical traditions that have emerged from the legacy of the twentieth century
    • the most important new and emerging frameworks of analysis today
    • the major theoretical problems in recent social and political theory

    The Second edition is an enlarged, revised, and updated version of the first edition, which was published in 2011 and comprised 42 chapters. The new edition consists of 50 chapters, of which seventeen are entirely new chapters covering topics that have become increasingly prominent in social and political theory in recent years, such as populism, the new materialism, postcolonialism, Deleuzean theory, post-humanism, post-capitalism as well as older topics that were not covered in the first edition, such as Arendt, the gift, critical realism, anarchism. All chapters retained from the first edition have been thoroughly revised and updated.

    The Routledge International Handbook of Contemporary Social and Political Theory encompasses the most up-to-date developments in contemporary social and political theory, and as such is an essential research tool for both undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as researchers working in the fields of political theory, social and political philosophy, contemporary social theory, and cultural theory.


    Stephen P. Turner and Gerard Delanty


    1. Foucault and the Promise of Power without Dogma

    Gary Wickham and B.B. Bieganski

    2. Pierre Bourdieu and His Legacy

    Marcel Fournier

    3. Lacanian Theory: Ideology, Enjoyment and the Spirits of Capitalism

    Yannis Stavrakakis

    4. The Marxist Legacy

    Peter Beilharz

    5. Critical Race Theory

    Patricia Hill Collins

    6. Feminist Social and Political Theory

    Claire Colebrook

    7. Accidental Conditions: The Social Consequences of Poststructuralist Philosophy

    Thomas Docherty

    8. Critical Theory Today: Legacies and New Directions

    Gerard Delanty and Neal Harris

    9. Pragmatism and Political Theory

    Robert B. Talisse

    10. Lessons from Twentieth Century Political Philosophy before Rawls

    Jeremy Sheamur

    11. Liberalism after Communitarianism

    Charles Blattberg

    12. Republicanism: Non-domination and the Free State

    Richard Bellamy

    13. Marcel Gauchet and the Crisis of European Democracy

    Natalie J. Doyle

    14. A Journey Through Latin American Social and Political Thought

    Aurea Mota

    15. Intellectuals and Society: Sociological and Historical Perspectives

    Patrick Baert and Joel Isaac

    16. Power and Violence in the Political Thought of Hannah Arendt

    Philip Walsh


    17. Anarchist Social and Political Theory

    Ruth Kinna

    18. Deleuze, Guattari, and the Concept of Social Assemblage

    Jay Conway

    19. Critical Realism

    Dave Elder-Vass

    20. Power, Legitimacy and Authority

    Stuart Clegg

    21. Environment and Risk

    Timothy W. Luke

    22. Modernity in Social and Political Theory: Correcting Misunderstandings

    Peter Wagner

    23. Social and Political Trust

    Karen S. Cook and Brian D. Cook

    24. From Linguistic Performativity to Social Performance

    Maria Lloyd

    25. Nationalism and Social Theory: The Distinction between Community and Society

    Steven Grosby

    26. Empire and Imperialism

    Krishan Kumar

    27. Cosmopolitanism: Roots and Diversities

    David Inglis

    28. From Friction to Fruition: Social Theory Meets Postcolonial Studies

    Sérgio Costa

    29. Nature and Society

    Byron Kaldis

    30. The Cognitive and Metacognitive Dimensions of Social and Political Theory

    Piet Strydom

    31. Cognitive Neuroscience and the Theory and Practice of Social and Political Inquiry

    John G. Gunnell

    32. Humanism, Anti-humanism, Posthumanism

    Daniel Chernilo

    33. Contemporary Chinese Social and Political Thought

    Guanjun Wu


    34. Sovereignty, Security and the Exception: Bare Life in a Pandemic Time

    Sheila Nair

    35. The Future of the State

    Georg Sørensen

    36. Modern Constitutionalism under Challenge

    Paul Blokker

    37. Social Theory and European Integration

    William Outhwaite

    38. The Limits of Power and the Complexity of Powerlessness: The Case of Immigration

    Saskia Sassen

    39. Transnational Activisms and the Global Justice Movement

    Donatella della Porta and Raffaele Marchetti

    40. The Transnational Social Question

    Thomas Faist

    41. Social Suffering and the New Politics of Sentimentality

    Iain Wilkinson

    42. Memory Practices and Theory in a Global Age

    Daniel Levy

    43. The Gift Paradigm

    Frank Adloff

    44. Postcapitalism: The Return of Radical Critique

    Albena Azmanova

    45. Populism: The Concept and the Polemic

    Filipe Carreira da Silva and Mónica Brito Vieira

    46. New Materialism(s)

    Geoff Pfeifer

    47. Political Theology

    Saul Newman

    48. Theories of Violence

    Larry Ray

    49. Universalism, Human Rights and Islamic Relativism

    Mehdi Zakerian

    50. Animals in Social and Political Theory

    Alasdair Cochrane and Krithika Srinivasan


    Gerard Delanty is Professor of Sociology and Social and Political Thought at the University of Sussex, Brighton, UK. His most recent publication is Critical Theory and Social Transformation (2020) and, as editor, Pandemics, Society and Politics (2021).

    Stephen P. Turner is currently Distinguished University Professor at the Department of Philosophy, University of South Florida, USA. His books include Liberal Democracy 3.0: Civil Society in an Age of Experts (2003) and essays collected in The Politics of Expertise (2013). He has also written extensively on Max Weber, especially on politics, on Carl Schmitt, and on the politics of science and science policy.