2nd Edition

Routledge International Handbook of Emotions and Media

Edited By Katrin Döveling, Elly A. Konijn Copyright 2022
    354 Pages 19 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    354 Pages 19 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    In times of a worldwide pandemic, the election of a new US president, "MeToo," and "Fridays for Future," to name but a few examples, one thing becomes palpable: the emotional impact of media on individuals and society cannot be underestimated. The relations between media, people, and society are to a great extent based on human emotions. Emotions are essential in understanding how media messages are processed and how media affect individual and social behavior as well as public social life.

    Adopting a thoroughly interdisciplinary approach to the study of emotions in the context of media, the second, entirely revised and updated, edition of Routledge International Handbook of Emotions and Media comprises areas such as evolutionary psychology, media psychology, media sociology, cultural studies, media entertainment, and political and digital communication. Leading experts from across the globe explore cutting-edge research on the role of emotion in selecting and processing media contents, the emotional consequences of media use, politics and public emotion, emotions in political communication and persuasion, as well as emotions in digital, interactive, and virtual encounters.

    This compelling and authoritative Handbook is an essential reference tool for scholars and students of media, communication science, media psychology, emotion, cognitive and social psychology, cultural studies, media sociology, and related fields.

    Part I. Emotions and Media: From Motives to Meanings and Measurements

    1. Emotions and the Media: Interdisciplinary Perspectives

    Katrin Döveling and Elly A. Konijn

    2. The Descent of Emotions in Media: Darwinian Perspectives

    Frank Schwab and Clemens Schwender

    3. Emotions are Key in Processing Media Messages: From Noise to Nucleus

    Elly A. Konijn, Jelte M. ten Holt, and Julia de Jonge

    4. The Measurement of Positive and Negative Affect in Media Research

    Xia Zheng, Annie Lang, and David R. Ewoldsen

    Part II. Emotions in the Selection and Processing of Media Content

    5. The Role of Affect and Mood Management in Selective Exposure to Media Messages

    Melissa J. Robinson and Silvia Knobloch-Westerwick

    6. Media-based Emotional Coping: Examining the Emotional Benefits and Pitfalls of Media Consumption

    Robin L. Nabi, Jiyeon So, Abby Prestin, and Debora Perez Torres

    7. Tragic and Poignant Entertainment: The Gratifications of Meaningfulness

    Mary Beth Oliver

    8. The Role of Morality in Emotional Responses to Entertainment

    Arthur A. Raney and Joshua A. Baldwin

    Part III. Emotional Consequences of Media Use

    9. The Affective Consequences of Media Use

    Patrick K. Bender and Christopher P. Barlett

    10. The Influence of Form and Presentation Attributes of Traditional Media on Emotion

    Benjamin H. Detenber, Jingjing Han, and Annie Lang

    11. Fun Boxes to Empathy Machines: The Emotions of Digital Games

    Nicholas D. Bowman

    12. Disaster News and Public Emotions

    Lilie Chouliaraki

    Part IV. Emotion and Media in Politics and Persuasion

    13. Emotion, Media, and the Global Village

    Stephen Stifano, Ross Buck, and Stacie Renfro Powers

    14. Creating Fear: Transforming Terrorist Attacks into Control and Consumption

    David L. Altheide

    15. The Role of Emotion in Persuasion

    Monique Mitchell Turner and Ruth Jin-Hee Heo

    16. Embodied Politics and Emotional Expression in the Populist Era: Research Advances Amid a Disruptive Decade

    Erik P. Bucy

    17. Media, Politics, and Affect

    Mariken A.C.G. van der Velden and Isabella Rebasso

    Part V. Emotions and Interactive Media

    18. Emotionally Resonant Media: Advances in Sensing, Understanding, and Influencing Human Emotion Through Interactive Media

    Jonathan Gratch and Gale M. Lucas

    19. Nonverbal Synchrony, Media, and Emotion

    Hanseul Jun and Jeremy Bailenson

    20. Emotion and Digital Media: Emotion Regulation in Interactive, On-Demand, and Networked Media

    Nicholas D. Bowman, Elizabeth Cohen, and Katrin Döveling


    Katrin Döveling is Full Professor in Media and Communication at the Department of Social Sciences, University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt.

    Elly A. Konijn is Full Professor in Media Psychology at the Department of Communication Science, Faculty of Social Sciences, VU University Amsterdam.

    "This Handbook, edited and written by leading voices in the field, is an indispensable volume for students and scholars who study the psychology of media and technology. Understanding the foundational theories and latest research on media and emotion is essential not only to inform scholarship, but to provide insight to the issues and opportunities media affords every citizen living in this consequential time."

    Karen Dill-Shackleford, Editor, Psychology of Popular Media and faculty at Fielding Graduate University in Santa Barbara, USA

    "Emotions and media are genuinely ‘hot.’ This new edition of the Handbook is comprehensive and spans many subfields. The list of contributors and editors is outstanding. This will be a key reference for the next decade."

    Claes de Vreese, University Professor of AI and Democracy, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands