1st Edition

Routledge International Handbook of Play, Therapeutic Play and Play Therapy

Edited By Sue Jennings, Clive Holmwood Copyright 2021
    446 Pages 37 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    446 Pages 37 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Routledge International Handbook of Play, Therapeutic Play and Play Therapy is the first book of its kind to provide an overview of key aspects of play and play therapy, considering play on a continuum from generic aspects through to more specific applied and therapeutic techniques and as a stand-alone discipline.

    Presented in four parts, the book provides a unique overview of, and ascribes equal value to, the fields of play, therapeutic play, play in therapy and play therapy. Chapters by academics, play practitioners, counsellors, arts therapists and play therapists from countries as diverse as Japan, Cameroon, India, the Czech Republic, Israel, USA, Ireland, Turkey, Greece and the UK explore areas of each topic, drawing links and alliances between each.  The book includes complex case studies with children, adolescents and adults in therapy with arts and play therapists, research with children on play, work in schools, outdoor play and play therapy, animal-assisted play therapy, work with street children and play in therapeutic communities around the world.

    Routledge International Handbook of Play, Therapeutic Play and Play Therapy demonstrates the centrality of play in human development, reminds us of the creative power of play and offers new and innovative applications of research and practical technique. It will be of great interest to academics and students of play, play therapy, child development, education and the therapeutic arts. It will also be a key text for play and creative arts therapists, both in practice and in training, play practitioners, social workers, teachers and anyone working with children.

    Part I – Play 1. Play and childhoods: how are the relationships between researching play and children changing?  2. Lila: teacher´s play through the eyes of a child  3. Cultivating playfulness in the workplace  4. Playing memories: exploring the notion of play amongst participants of participatory theatre in Cameroon  5. The ness of being playful  6. Stages not ages: The emerging Developmental Play approach for differently abled children  7. Playful workshop toolkit for professionals working with children  8. Lilaloka: a place of play  9. Play with children in hospitals: the situation in Japan  Part II – Therapeutic Play  10. Playwork as a therapeutic tool  11. Playfulness and other worlds: re-visiting A Midsummer Night’s Dream  12.  ‘The Magic Drum’ in action: the use of therapeutic play group intervention to foster positive peer interaction among children with diverse abilities and needs in an international primary school in Prague  13. Planning successful therapeutic material engagements: charting a course from danger to the safe zone  14. Let’s get Messy! enhancing and enriching children’s learning and development through messy play  15. Neuro-Dramatic Play and a hero’s journey: a play-based approach in a UK junior school  Part III – Play in Therapy  16. Using play as a counselling tool in a multicultural society 17. The Isle of Silliness: play and dramatherapy with addicted Palestinian men in Israel as a way of balancing in patriarchal society  18. Grannies on the run: into the wild spaces of autistic play  19. "Some body rlse": Harlequin’s journey in forensic sandplay and gender dysphoria  20. Playing together: the use of directed joint engagement activities in Dyadic Art Psychotherapy  21.  The "terror of the school" learns to play  22. The international appeal of Filial Therapy: values, methods and its use in Turkey to empower children and families and the therapists who assist them  23. The color of play: breaking through walls within a child’s world  24. Listening to Pan: helping children who panic  25.  The story of Angela Part IV  – Play Therapy  26. Swings or roundabouts? The case for using a combined play therapy and dramatherapy approach as an effective intervention with children at risk of exclusion  27. Creative interventions with children and adolescents with complex trauma  28. Play therapy/therapeutic play with children with autism: the journey: wait, watch and wonder  29. Play therapy: the ideal environment for play development and the repair of play deprivation 30. Therapeutic use of self and the Play Therapy Dimensions Model  31. What am I doing out here?! Exploring the challenge for play therapy in the outdoors  32. School-based play therapy  33. The healing power of playful animals: Animal Assisted Play Therapy® as an intervention for childhood bullying in South Africa  34.  Creating a safe space in a safe place: working creatively with young people in a secure setting  35. Healing through therapeutic play in Malaysia Afterword Closure



    Sue Jennings is Professor of Play (European Federation); Distinguished Scholar at the University of Witwatersrand, South Africa; Senior Research Fellow, The Shakespeare Institute, University of Birmingham, UK; and a retired play therapist and dramatherapist. She is the originator of Neuro-Dramatic-Play (NDP) and is a pioneer of dramatherapy around the world.

    Clive Holmwood is an associate professor, lecturer, researcher, author and doctoral supervisor in the Department of Therapeutic Arts at the University of Derby, UK. He is a consultant dramatherapist with 25 years post-qualifying experience working in the public and voluntary sectors and in private practice as a director of Creative Solutions Therapy Ltd. He is also an NDP practitioner and associate director of NDP.

    "Routledge International Handbook of Play, Therapeutic Play and Play Therapy is a delightful collection of stories, research, experiences from play practitioners across multicultural contexts. What is most fascinating about this play potpourri is the range it is able to cover, from children as play experts in co-research to use of play in classroom, work place, health space to play as core medium for healing and therapy. This innovative handbook by Sue and Clive is an ultimate encyclopedia on play that will treasured by therapists, teachers, paediatricians, parents and play campaigners across the world for many generations. " - Shelja Sen, Family Therapist

    "Bringing perspectives from around the world to consider play across time and cultures and in a broad range of disciplines, artistic forms, settings and creative spaces, this handbook offers an indispensable point of entry and a timely journey through this multifaceted field." - Dr Maggie O’Neill, NUI Galway, Ireland

    "I celebrate Clive Holmwood and Sue Jennings in showing how 'play and the arts are intrinsically linked.' The silos of professions, and of the arts themselves, too often block access to this natural interdependence of imagination advancing the whole of life - even the workplace. Children model a life-affirming creative intelligence involving all of the senses and ways of playing needed to create, heal and be in the world in the most complete and organic ways. Routledge International Handbook of Play, Therapeutic Play and Play Therapy, and its global community of authors, reinforce the vital role of play in our common humanity." - Shaun McNiff, Professor, Lesley University, USA

    "The importance of play for human development is paramount. Neurosciences showed that play is ingrained in our brain, generating the basic emotion of joy, and, at least since Froebel, we know that a large amount of what children learn is learnt through play. Notwithstanding that, we can perceive everywhere what Roger Caillois called the ‘debasement of play,’ the lacking of spontaneity, creativity and freedom. How can these virtues of play be recovered? This precious book offers a whole range of reflections on the matter in a multicultural perspective, and suggests many powerful ways to engage with play and restore its therapeutic potentiality." – Salvo Pitruzzella, Centro ArtiTerapie, Lecco, Italy