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Routledge International Studies in Health Economics

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Equity and Healthcare Reform in Developing Economies The Case of Turkey

Equity and Healthcare Reform in Developing Economies: The Case of Turkey

1st Edition

By Songül Çınaroğlu
May 06, 2022

Ensuring equity in healthcare is the main concern of health policymakers in order to provide a sustainable health system. This concern is more prominent in developing countries due to the scarcity of resources. This book provides a comprehensive analysis and discussion on the distributive pattern ...

The Digital Transformation of Healthcare Health 4.0

The Digital Transformation of Healthcare: Health 4.0

1st Edition

Edited By Marek Ćwiklicki, Mariusz Duplaga, Jacek Klich
December 31, 2021

Health 4.0 is a term that has derived from the Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0), as it pertains to the healthcare industry. This book offers a novel, concise, but at the same time, broad picture of the challenges that the technological revolution has created for the healthcare system. It...

Politics, Hierarchy, and Public Health Voting Patterns in the 2016 US Presidential Election

Politics, Hierarchy, and Public Health: Voting Patterns in the 2016 US Presidential Election

1st Edition

By Deborah Wallace, Rodrick Wallace
June 13, 2019

Steep socioeconomic hierarchy in post-industrial Western society threatens public health because of the physiological consequences of material and psychosocial insecurities and deprivations. Following on from their previous books, the authors continue their exploration of the geography of early ...

Medical Innovation Science, technology and practice

Medical Innovation: Science, technology and practice

1st Edition

Edited By Davide Consoli, Andrea Mina, Richard R. Nelson, Ronnie Ramlogan
October 21, 2015

This book brings together a collection of empirical case studies featuring a wide spectrum of medical innovation. While there is no unique pathway to successful medical innovation, recurring and distinctive features can be observed across different areas of clinical practice. This book examines why...

Economics and HIV The Sickness of Economics

Economics and HIV: The Sickness of Economics

1st Edition

By Deborah Johnston
February 27, 2015

Economics has largely failed to provide useful insights on the HIV/AIDS pandemic. The inability of a dominant branch of social science to assist in understanding an illness with significant social, economic and emotional effects is a serious failing in its own right. Moreover, the inadequacy in its...

Individual Decisions for Health

Individual Decisions for Health

1st Edition

Edited By Bjorn Lindgren
March 31, 2014

Although economics is a relative newcomer to research into the determinants of good health, its significance should not be under-estimated. This book poses the important question of whether economic theory can be developed to explain why people engage in activities that are obviously a danger to ...

State Health Insurance Market Reform Toward Inclusive and Sustainable Health Insurance Markets

State Health Insurance Market Reform: Toward Inclusive and Sustainable Health Insurance Markets

1st Edition

By Joel C. Cantor, Alan C. Monheit
September 25, 2012

In this volume, leading American health economists provide a critical assessment of the current state of knowledge of insurance market reform that is accessible to both policy-makers and researchers....

Copayments and the Demand for Prescription Drugs

Copayments and the Demand for Prescription Drugs

1st Edition

By Domenico Esposito
July 11, 2012

Increasing prescription drug cost-sharing by patients - in the form of increasing copayments - is one of the most striking, and controversial, developments in the health sector over recent years. The exact nature and use of copayments by health care insurers continues to be hot topic of debate. ...

Reconfiguring Global Health Innovation

Reconfiguring Global Health Innovation

1st Edition

By Padmashree Gehl Sampath
December 01, 2010

Reconfiguring Global Health Innovation presents the findings of multi-year research, contrasting experiences of different latecomer countries in building health innovation systems to cater to local needs. It analyses the emerging industrial structures in health innovation as more and more latecomer...

Efficiency Measurement in Health and Health Care

Efficiency Measurement in Health and Health Care

1st Edition

By Bruce Hollingsworth, Stuart J. Peacock
November 24, 2009

This book provides a concise synthesis of leading edge research in the theory and practise of efficiency measurement in health and health care. Whilst much of the literature in this area is confusing and impregnable, Hollingsworth and Peacock show the logical links between the economic theory ...

Health, Economic Development and Household Poverty From Understanding to Action

Health, Economic Development and Household Poverty: From Understanding to Action

1st Edition

Edited By Sara Bennett, Lucy Gilson, Anne Mills
February 10, 2009

Accessible and edited by authors based at a top institution, this book provides readers with an excellent summary in an easy-to-read style of this burgeoning field of research. In this volume Bennett, Gilson and Mills have gathered together essays written by academics and experts in the fields of ...

Evidence-Based Medicine In its Place

Evidence-Based Medicine: In its Place

1st Edition

Edited By Ivar Sonbo Kristiansen, Gavin Mooney
September 06, 2006

Evidence based medicine is defined as the conscientious explicit and judicious use of current best evidence in making decisions about the care of individual patients. This superb collection takes a critical view of this concept and examines the economic implications of its imposition....

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