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Routledge International Studies in Money and Banking

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This series explores the roles of money and banking in the modern world. Banking is an increasingly important and international industry, and its interaction with money is a major concern for the world's economic policy-makers.

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Finance and Sustainable Development Designing Sustainable Financial Systems

Finance and Sustainable Development: Designing Sustainable Financial Systems

1st Edition


Magdalena Ziolo
December 29, 2020

There are many studies confirming the relationship between financial systems and economic development but there are few which examine the degree to which financial systems: a) impact the quality of information, b) influence sound corporate governance, c) ensure effective mechanisms of risk ...

Performance Measurement Systems in Banks

Performance Measurement Systems in Banks

1st Edition


Rahat Munir, Kevin Baird
December 18, 2020

Given the significant changes in the banking environment and the resultant pressures on banks to change their systems and procedures, this book is a timely reference that provides a comprehensive analytical overview of changes in the performance measurement system (PMS) of banks in the ...

The Economics of Cryptocurrencies

The Economics of Cryptocurrencies

1st Edition


J. Mark Munoz, Michael Frenkel
December 04, 2020

Cryptocurrencies have had a profound effect on financial markets worldwide. This edited book aims to explore the economic implications of the use of cryptocurrencies. Drawing from chapter contributors from around the world, the book will be a valuable resource on the economics of cryptocurrencies. ...

Behavioural Public Finance Individuals, Society, and the State

Behavioural Public Finance: Individuals, Society, and the State

1st Edition


M. Mustafa Erdoğdu, Larissa Batrancea, Savaş Çevik
November 20, 2020

This book tackles political, social, and behavioural aspects of public finance and fiscal exchange. The book combines conventional approaches toward public finance with new developments in economics such as political governance, social and individual aspects of economic behaviour. It colligates ...

Monetary Policy after the Great Recession The Role of Interest Rates

Monetary Policy after the Great Recession: The Role of Interest Rates

1st Edition


Arkadiusz Sieroń
November 10, 2020

Walter Bagehot noticed once that “John Bull can stand many things, but he cannot stand two per cent.” Well, for several years, he has had to stand interest rates well below that, in some countries even below zero. However, despite this sacrifice, the economic recovery from the Great Recession has ...

Capital and Finance Theory and History

Capital and Finance: Theory and History

1st Edition

Peter Lewin, Nicolás Cachanosky
July 03, 2020

This book applies finance to the field of capital theory. While financial economics is a well-established field of study, the specific application of finance to capital theory remains unexplored. It is the first book to comprehensively study this financial application, which also includes modern ...

Financial Systems in Troubled Waters Information, Strategies, and Governance to Enhance Performances in Risky Times

Financial Systems in Troubled Waters: Information, Strategies, and Governance to Enhance Performances in Risky Times

1st Edition

Alessandro Carretta, Gianluca Mattarocci
June 30, 2020

This collection considers the financial crisis from a managerial perspective, focussing on the business implications for the financial industry. Topics examined include governance, information needs and strategy of financial intermediaries and investors. The contributions build on the existing ...

Complexities of Financial Globalisation Analytical and Policy Issues in Emerging and Developing Economies

Complexities of Financial Globalisation: Analytical and Policy Issues in Emerging and Developing Economies

1st Edition

Tony Cavoli, Sasidaran Gopalan, Ramkishen S. Rajan
May 20, 2020

Since the 1990s, several emerging market and developing economies (EMDEs) have, to varying degrees, embraced the process of financial globalisation, broadly defined as a set of policies that involve allowing for greater openness to cross-border capital flows as well as greater market access to ...

Venture Capital Performance A Comparative Study of Investment Practices in Europe and the USA

Venture Capital Performance: A Comparative Study of Investment Practices in Europe and the USA

1st Edition

Keith Arundale
November 27, 2019

European venture capital (VC) funds have historically underperformed their US counterparts. This has resulted in reduced investment into European VC by the traditional institutional investors. This book investigates the factors that give rise to the performance difference. It is based on the author...

Public Value Theory and Budgeting International Perspectives

Public Value Theory and Budgeting: International Perspectives

1st Edition

Usman W. Chohan
June 18, 2019

Public value theory has advanced over the past 30 years, but there is a need to extend its boundary outwards into new contexts and update its discourse to reflect new social challenges. We are now trying to create value in a globalized world, with supranational entities, with new international ...

Money, Inflation and Business Cycles The Cantillon Effect and the Economy

Money, Inflation and Business Cycles: The Cantillon Effect and the Economy

1st Edition

Arkadiusz Sieroń
February 07, 2019

Who would disagree that money matters? Economists have yet to sufficiently explore issues related to monetary inflation in relation to the Cantillon effect, i.e. distribution and price effects resulting from uneven changes in the money supply and their impact on the economy. This book fills this ...

Financial Literacy in Europe Assessment Methodologies and Evidence from European Countries

Financial Literacy in Europe: Assessment Methodologies and Evidence from European Countries

1st Edition

Gianni Nicolini
January 29, 2019

Are people ready to take pivotal financial decisions like choosing a mortgage, saving for retirement, or investing their savings? How does the degree of knowledge about financial products and services affect the quality of their choices? Can financial fraud be prevented by increasing consumer ...

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