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Routledge Introductions to Contemporary Psychoanalysis

About the Series

Editor: Aner Govrin, Bar-Ilan University, Tel-Aviv Institute for Contemporary Psychoanalysis (TAICP)

Associate Editor: Tair Caspi, Bar-Ilan University

The Routledge Introductions to Contemporary Psychoanalysis 

Books in the Routledge Introductions to Contemporary Psychoanalysis series will serve as concise introductions dedicated to the most useful and influential concepts, theories, leading figures and techniques in psychoanalysis. 

The length of each book is fixed at 40,000 words. 

Not serving solely as an introduction for beginners, the purpose of the series is to offer compendiums of information in particular topics within different psychoanalytic schools. The series' books will be designed to be easily consulted and to provide informative answers in defined areas of psychoanalytic thought. Each book will provide contemporary and updated ideas on a topic relevant to contemporary psychoanalysis – from the unconscious to intersubjectivity, enactment and neuropsychoanalysis.

Books will also be dedicated to prominent figures in the field, from Sandor Ferenczi, through Heinz Kohut and Otto Kernberg, to Steven Mitchell and Michael Eigen. We ask authors not merely to review a topic but also to address the readers with their own personal views and contribution to the specific chosen field. Books will make intricate ideas comprehensible without compromising their complexity.

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Projective Identification A Contemporary Introduction

Projective Identification: A Contemporary Introduction

1st Edition


By Robert Waska
November 25, 2021

This clear and thoughtful book by Robert Waska provides an accessible introduction to Projective Identification and the role it plays in internal and external life. Waska explores how Projective Identification is the foundation for much of psychic life, driving internal phantasy, influencing ...

Donald Meltzer A Contemporary Introduction

Donald Meltzer: A Contemporary Introduction

1st Edition


By Meg Harris Williams
November 19, 2021

In this intelligent and insightful work, Meg Harris Williams presents a clear and readable introduction to the works of influential psychoanalyst Donald Meltzer. The book covers Meltzer’s ideas on key themes including sexuality, dreams, psychosis, perversion and aesthetics, and his work with both ...

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