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Routledge Key Issues in Global Migration

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Routledge Key Issues in Global Migration investigates the rising number of challenges and opportunities linked to the movement of people around the world. Migration is a growing global phenomenon, with factors such as climate change, poverty, humanitarian crises, demographic changes, and labour competition and shortages suggesting that mobility will continue to increase over the coming years. This series brings together a collection of accessible yet authoritative overviews of the key issues in global migration. As well as providing researchers, students, think tanks, NGOs and policy makers with the latest evidence and analysis, it also highlights real-world applications to help to inform policy responses. To submit proposals, please contact Routledge's Global Development Editor, Helena Hurd ([email protected]), or series editor Frank Laczko ([email protected]). Series Editor Frank Laczko is the Co-Chair of the UN's Expert Group on Migration Statistics and founder and Director of the International Organization for Migration's first Global Migration Data Analysis Centre. He has over 25 years of experience of working on international migration issues.

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Measuring Global Migration Towards Better Data for All

Measuring Global Migration: Towards Better Data for All

1st Edition

By Frank Laczko, Elisa Mosler Vidal, Marzia Rango
December 22, 2023

This book focuses on how to improve the collection, analysis and responsible use of data on global migration and international mobility. While migration remains a topic of great policy interest for governments around the world, there is a serious lack of reliable, timely, disaggregated and ...

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