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Routledge Key Thinkers in Business and Management

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Students of business often emerge from their years of business school training without having had the benefit of seeing how its ideas have evolved. A black hole is developing in management education, and the intellectual vacuum needs to be addressed. The solution is to look at the major intellectual figures in the development of business, management and organisation thinking and practice. In short, who are the makers of modern management? And why should we care?

This series provides authoritative accounts of the key thinkers across the business disciplines. Critical, contextual and comprehensive, books in the series will include figures who’ve made significant impacts to management thought and practice – many of whom may not originally be known as management thinkers, per se.

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Peter Drucker and Management

Peter Drucker and Management

1st Edition


By Karen E. Linkletter
June 03, 2024

Peter Drucker is arguably the world’s most influential management writer, but his contributions as a social theorist and philosopher are also notable. This book presents Drucker as a key thinker, whose work encompasses ideas beyond management practice. Illuminating Drucker as a complex figure, this...

Tom Peters and Management A History of Organizational Storytelling

Tom Peters and Management: A History of Organizational Storytelling

1st Edition

By David Collins
December 27, 2021

Tom Peters is the management guru's management guru. His is the story that launched a thousand management stories. This new book offers a critical assessment of Tom Peters' contribution to management thought and practice. The author, a globally recognized expert on management gurus, places Tom ...

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