1st Edition

Routledge Library Editions: 19th Century Religion

    6236 Pages
    by Routledge

    Reissuing works originally published between 1973 and 1997, Routledge Library Editions: 19th Century Religion (18 volumes) offers a selection of scholarship covering historical developments in religious thinking. Topics include the origin of Catholicism in America, sexual liberation and religion in Europe, and the emergence of Atheism in Victorian England. This set also includes collections of sermons and essays from some of the most influential preachers of the nineteenth century.

    1. The Building of an American Catholic Church: The Episcopacy of John Carroll Joseph Agonito (1988)  2. John Henry Newman: Theology and Reform Edited by Michael E. Allsopp and Ronald R. Burke (1992)  3. The Work of T. B. Barratt Thomas Ball Barratt (1985)  4. The Journey to Rome: Conversion Literature by Nineteenth-Century American Catholics Christine M. Bochen (1988)  5. Piety and Politics: Catholic Revival and the Generation of 1905-1914 in France Paul Mitchell Cohen (1987)  6. Religion Leonard Wallace Cowie (1973)  7. The African American Church in Birmingham, Alabama, 1815-1963: A Shelter in the Storm Wilson Fallin, Jr. (1997)  8. Nineteenth-Century European Catholicism: An Annotated Bibliography of Secondary Works in English Eric C. Hansen (1989)  9. Charles Haddon Spurgeon: A Preachers Progress P. S. Kruppa (1982)  10. The Unitarian Controversy, 1819-1823: Volume One Edited with an Introduction by Bruce Kuklick (1987)  11. The Unitarian Controversy, 1819-1823: Volume Two Edited with an Introduction by Bruce Kuklick (1987)  12. Selected Essays of Edwards A. Park Edited with an Introduction by Bruce Kuklick (1987)  13. The Church of Ireland 1869-1969 R. B. McDowell (1975)  14. Highly Respectable and Accomplished Ladies: Catholic Women Religious in America, 1790-1850 Barbara Misner (1988)  15. Organized Freethought: The Religion of Unbelief in Victorian England Shirley Annette Mullen (1987)  16. The Sermons of Charles F. Parham Charles F. Parham (1985)  17. Sexual Liberation and Religion in Nineteenth Century Europe J. Michael Phayer (1977)  18. The Intellectual Crisis in English Catholicism: Liberal Catholics, Modernists, and the Vatican in the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries William J. Schoenl (1982)


    Multivolume collection by leading authors in the field.