1st Edition

Routledge Library Editions: Alcohol and Alcoholism 19 Volume Set

    4922 Pages
    by Routledge

    This 19-volume set has titles originally published between 1951 and 1991. The books examine alcohol in a variety of ways, particularly the debates around, and the progression in, treatment for alcoholism through the 1970s and 1980s, but also in the wider social and economic sense. Still a concern today, it also includes titles that focus on young drinkers and health education. This collection will be of interest to all those interested in alcohol and its impact on both the individual and society.

    1. Educating Young Drinkers Gellisse Bagnall (1991) ISBN 978-1-032-60864-8

    2. Alcohol and Aggression Paul F. Brain (Ed.) (1986) ISBN 978-1-032-61050-4

    3. Alcoholic Beverages: Dimensions of Corporate Power John Cavanagh & Frederick F. Clairmonte (1985) ISBN 978-1-032-60376-6

    4. Vagrant Alcoholics Tim Cook (1975) ISBN 978-1-032-61636-0

    5. Counselling Problem Drinkers Robin Davidson, Stephen Rollnick & Ian MacEwan (Eds) (1991) ISBN 978-1-032-60140-3

    6. Alcohol Problems and Alcohol Control in Europe Phil Davies & Dermot Walsh (1983) ISBN 978-1-032-61111-2

    7. Alcohol, Youth and the State: Drinking Practices, Controls and Health Education Nicholas Dorn (1983) ISBN 978-1-032-60827-3

    8. Alcoholism: New Knowledge and New Responses Griffith Edwards & Marcus Grant (Eds) (1977) ISBN 978-1-032-60756-6

    9. Alcoholism Treatment in Transition Griffith Edwards & Marcus Grant (Eds) (1980) ISBN 978-1-032-61504-2

    10. Alcoholism in Perspective Marcus Grant & Paul Gwinner (Eds) (1979) ISBN 978-1-032-61690-2

    11. Economics and Alcohol: Consumption and Controls Marcus Grant, Martin Plant & Alan Williams (1983) ISBN 978-1-032-60574-6

    12. Alcohol: The Prevention Debate Marcus Grant & Bruce Ritson (1983) ISBN 978-1-032-63986-4

    13. Controlled Drinking Nick Heather & Ian Robertson (1983) ISBN 978-1-032-60060-4

    14. The Misuse of Alcohol: Crucial Issues in Dependence, Treatment and Prevention Nick Heather, Ian Robertson & Phil Davies (1985) ISBN 978-1-032-60219-6

    15. Alcohol Problems in Employment Brian D. Hore & Martin A. Plant (Eds) (1981) ISBN 978-1-032-60779-5

    16. Alcohol Education: A Handbook for Health and Welfare Professionals Barbara Howe (1989) ISBN 978-1-032-61658-2

    17. Drink: An Economic and Social Study Hermann Levy (1951) ISBN 978-1-032-61569-1

    18. Responding to Drinking Problems Stan Shaw, Alan Cartwright, Terry Spratley & Judith Harwin (1978) ISBN 978-1-032-61148-8

    19. Helping the Problem Drinker: New Initiatives in Community Care Tim Stockwell & Sue Clement (Eds) (1987) ISBN 978-1-032-60044-4


    Multivolume collection by leading authors in the field.