1st Edition

Routledge Library Editions: America: Revolution and Civil War

    3476 Pages
    by Routledge

    The volumes in this set, originally published between 1967 and 2011, available as ebooks for the first time, include succinct, accessible books on two of the most important periods of American history which offer concise treatment of these major historical topics, as well as some lengthier, finest single-volume studies of the American Civil and Revolutionary Wars ever written and an outstanding reference tool in a 2 volume Encyclopedia.

    Among other things they:

    • Bring central themes and problems into sharper focus.
    • Discuss the pivotal roles played by Benjamin Franklin and Abraham Lincoln.
    • Examine the role of medical doctors in the northern campaigns during the revolutionary war.
    • Elucidate the character of the underlying moral and political problem of slavery.
    • Discuss the social and political experience of the civil war whilst examining the centrality of what happened on the battlefield.
    • Evaluate the legacy of the Civil War for America and for the world and emphasize its relationship to many of the dominating themes of modern history – democracy, freedom, equality and nationalism.

    1. Richard L. Blanco Physician of the American Revolution 978-0-367-64232-7

    2. Richard L. Blanco The American Revolution 1775-1783: An Encyclopedia Vol 1 978-0-367-64250-1

    3. Richard L. Blanco The American Revolution 1775-1783: An Encyclopedia Vol 2 978-0-367-64270-9

    4. Audrey Cammiade Lincoln and the American Civil War 978-0-367-64065-1

    5. Audrey Cammiade Franklin and the War of American Independence 978-0-367-64116-0

    6. M. J. Heale The American Revolution 978-0-367-64126-9

    7. Russell M. Lawson Ebenezer Hazard, Jeremy Belknap and the American Revolution 978-1-003-12415-3

    8. Peter Joseph Parish The American Civil War 978-0-367-64364-5



    'Routledge has a truly impressive  back catalogue of military history books, and it is very good news indeed that a number of them are once again in print. The authors represented include some of the biggest names in the field over the last half century - Corelli Barnett, Brian Bond, Christopher Duffy, and John Gooch to mention just four. This initiative will make some gems of scholarship available to a new generation'. Gary Sheffield, Military Historian