1st Edition

Routledge Library Editions: Arthurian Literature

    3645 Pages
    by Routledge

    Reissuing works originally published between 1929 and 1996, Routledge Library Editions: Arthurian Literature offers a selection of scholarship on the genre. Classic previously out-of-print works are brought back into print here in this small set of literary criticism, translation, art and drama.The enduring myth and legend appears from Mediaeval literature through to more modern writings and offers a spectrum of poetry and prose which is studied widely, as expemplified in this set.

    1. The Passing of Arthur: New Essays in Arthurian Tradition Edited by Christopher Baswell and William Sharpe  2. Arthurian Legend in the Seventeenth Century R. F. Brinkley  3. Word and Image in Arthurian Literature Edited by Keith Busby  4. The Avowing of King Arthur Edited by Roger Dahood  5. Merlin and Legendary Romance Carol E. Harding  6. Five Middle English Arthurian Romances Valerie Krishna  7. Medieval Arthurian Literature: A Guide to Recent Research Edited by Norris J. Lacy  8. Arthurian Drama: An Anthology Edited by Alan Lupack  9. The Arthurian Revival: Essays on Form, Tradition, and Transformation Edited by Debra N. Mancoff  10. Sir Lancelot of the Lake: A French Prose Romance of the Thirteenth Century Lucy Allen Paton  11. The Arthurian Legend: Comparison of Treatment in Modern and Mediaeval Literature Margaret J.C. Reid


    Multivolume collection by leading authors in the field.