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Routledge Library Editions: Broadcasting

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    by Routledge

    Routledge Library Editions: Broadcasting brings together in 40 volumes a collection of previously out-of-print books that look at all aspects of television and radio broadcasting. From the early years of broadcasting, as people were devising both the nature of the programmes and the technology needed to broadcast them, to updates as 21st century technology changed the nature of broadcasting and changes in society brought different content, these books provide a valuable overview and detailed analysis to form a key reference collection.

    1. A Director's Method for Film and Television Ron Richards  2. A Guide to Commercial Radio Journalism Linda Gage  3. Audio Control Handbook Robert S. Oringel  4. Audio Production Techniques for Video David Miles Huber  5. Behind the Tube Andrew F. Inglis  6. Broadcast Data Systems Peter L. Mothersole and Norman W. White  7. Broadcast Indecency Jeremy H. Lipschultz  8. Broadcast Sound Technology Michael Talbot-Smith  9. Broadcast Transmission Engineering Practice William Wharton, Shaun Metcalfe and Geoff C. Platts  10. Broadcast Voice Performance Michael C. Keith  11. Broadcast Writing Ken Dancyger  12. Broadcasting and Society 1918–1939 Mark Pegg  13. Broadcasting in Canada E.S. Hallman with H. Hindley  14. Broadcasting in Ireland Desmond Fisher  15. Broadcasting in Mexico Luis Antonio de Noriega and Frances Leach  16. Broadcasting in the Netherlands Kees van der Haak with Joanna Spicer  17. Colour Television H.W. Coleman  18. Communications Systems Geoff Lewis  19. Daytime Television Programming Marilyn J. Matelski  20. Factual Television Norman Swallow  21. Global Broadcasting Systems Robert L. Hilliard and Michael C. Keith  22. Global Telecommunications Raymond Akwule  23. Global Television Tony Verna  24. Images of the Enemy Brian McNair  25. The Lively Audience Patricia Palmer  26. Materials for Learning Janet Jenkins  27. Media Use in the Information Age Edited by Jerry L. Salvaggio and Jennings Bryant  28. The Politics of Broadcasting Edited by Raymond Kuhn  29. The Production of Political Television Michael Tracey  30. Rebel in Radio Elliott M. Sanger  31. Satellite Technology in Education Edited by John K. Gilbert, Annette Temple and Craig Underwood  32. Teachers & Television Ernest Choat, Harry Griffin and Dorothy Hobart  33. Telecommunications: A Systems Approach G. Smol, M.P.R. Hamer and M.T. Hills  34. Telecommunications in Developing Countries Michael Hobday  35. Television: A Critical Review Gerald Beadle  36. Television and the Political Image Joseph Trenaman and Denis McQuail  37. Television in the Making Edited by Paul Rotha  38. Western Broadcasting over the Iron Curtain K.R.M. Short  39. Winning the Global TV News Game Carla Brooks Johnston  40. Writing Comedy for Television Brian Cooke


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