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Routledge Library Editions: Chaucer

    4785 Pages
    by Routledge

    Reissuing works originally published between 1964 and 1994, this superb set of books is an array of scholarship on one of the most important authors of the medieval period. Some of these titles are introductory books on Chaucer and his works but others are specifically focused on his humour, or the sources he drew from, or his importance to the development of English poetry, and between them they address all of his works, not only the Canterbury Tales. A good coverage of critical study in the area of medieval poetry that contains interesting fodder for any literature student or academic.

    1. Chaucer's Troilus and Criseyde C. David Benson (1990)

    2. Chaucer and the Bible: A Critical Review of Research, Indexes, and Bibliography Lawrence Besserman (1988)

    3. Chaucer's Clerk's Tale: The Griselda Story Received, Rewritten, Illustrated Judith Bronfman (1994)

    4. The Comic Tales of Chaucer T. W. Craik (1964)

    5. Patterns of Religious Narrative in the Canterbury Tales Roger Ellis (1986)

    6. Chaucer's Poetic Alchemy: A Study of Value and its Transformation in The Canterbury Tales Sheila Fisher (1988)

    7. Chaucer: An Introduction, Second Edition S. S. Hussey (1981)

    8. Chaucer's Humor: Critical Essays Edited by Jean E. Jost (1994)

    9. Chaucer and the Making of English Poetry Volume 1: Love, Vision and Debate P. M. Kean (1972)

    10. Chaucer and the Making of English Poetry Volume 2: The Art of Narrative P. M. Kean (1972)

    11. Chaucer John J. Lawlor (1968)

    12. Chaucer Source and Analogue Criticism: A Cross-referenced Guide Lynn King Morris (1985) 

    13. Geoffrey Chaucer John Norton-Smith (1974)

    14. Chaucer and Middle English Studies: In Honour of Rossell Hope Robbins Edited by Beryl Rowland (1974)

    15. "Many a Song and Many a Lecherous Lay": Tradition and Individuality in Chaucer's Lyric Poetry Jay Ruud (1992)


    Multivolume collection by leading authors in the field.