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Routledge Library Editions: Cold War Security Studies

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    This 60-volume collection is an in-depth analysis of many areas of Cold War Security Studies. Individual titles examine the origins and early years of the Cold War, all the way up to the early 1990s and the collapse of the Soviet Union. The military and political strategies of both NATO and the Soviet Union are analysed, as are discussions around the difficulties of arms control and chemical weapons. Individual countries are also examined, and taken together these books offer a wide-ranging review of all aspects of the Cold War.

    1. A World Divided: Militarism and Development after the Cold War Edited by Geoff and Kath Tansey and Paul Rogers  2. Antiballistic Missile Defence in the 1980s Edited by Ian Bellany and Coit D. Blacker  3. Anti-personnel Weapons SIPRI Stockholm International Peace Research Institute  4. Arms Control and East-West Relations Philip Towle  5. Arms Control Agreements: A Handbook Jozef Goldblat  6. Between McAlpine and Polaris George Giacinto Giarchi  7. British Security Policy: the Thatcher Years and the End of the Cold War Edited by Stuart Croft  8. Burden-sharing in NATO Simon Lunn  9. By Fire and Ice: Dismantling Chemical Weapons While Preserving the Environment David A. Koplow  10. Central European Security Concerns: Bridge, Buffer or Barrier? Edited by Jacob Kipp  11. Chemical Warfare Arms Control: A Framework for Considering Policy Alternatives Julian Perry Robinson  12. Chemical Weapons: Destruction and Conversion SIPRI Stockholm International Peace Research Institute  13. The Cold War and its Origins, 1917-1960. Volume One 1917-1950 D.F. Fleming  14. The Cold War and its Origins, 1917-1960. Volume Two 1950-1960 D.F. Fleming  15. Contemporary Soviet Military Affairs: The Legacy of World War II Edited by Jonathan R. Adelman and Cristann Lea Gibson  16. Contemporary Strategy: Theories and Policies John Baylis, Ken Booth, John Garnett and Phil Williams  17. Conventional Warfare in the Nuclear Age Otto Heilbrunn  18. The Crisis in Western Security Edited by Lawrence S. Hagen  19. The Defence Industrial Base and the West Edited by David G. Haglund  20. The Defence of the Realm in the 1980s Dan Smith  21. Defending Europe: Options for Security Edited by Derek Paul  22. The Defense of Western Europe Edited by Lewis H. Gann  23. East German Army: The Second Power in the Warsaw Pact Thomas M. Forster  24. The East-West Strategic Balance T.B. Millar  25. European Security without the Soviet Union Edited by Stuart Croft and Phil Williams  26. How Russia Makes War: Soviet Military Doctrine Raymond L. Garthoff  27. How War Might Spread to Europe Miroslav Nincic  28. The KGB: Police and Politics in the Soviet Union Amy W. Knight  29. NATO Arms Co-operation: A Study in Economics and Politics Keith Hartley  30. NATO's Changing Strategic Agenda: The Conventional Defence of Central Europe Colin McInnes  31. NATO's Northern Allies: The National Security Policies of Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Norway Edited by Gregory Flynn  32. New Directions in Strategic Thinking Edited by Robert O'Neill and D.M. Horner  33. Nonoffensive Defense: A Global Perspective UNIDIR - United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research  34. Outer Space - Battlefield of the Future? SIPRI Stockholm International Peace Research Institute  35. Outer Space - A New Dimension of the Arms Race Edited by Bhupendra Jasani  36. The Pattern of World Conflict G.L. Arnold [George Lichtheim]  37. Peaceful and Non-Peaceful Uses of Space: Problems of Definition for the Prevention of an Arms Race Edited by Bhupendra Jasani  38. Problems and Perspectives of Conventional Disarmament in Europe United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research-UNIDIR  39. The Public and Atlantic Defense Edited by Gregory Flynn and Hans Rattinger  40. Red Army and Society: A Sociology of the Soviet Military Ellen Jones  41. Seapower in the Nuclear Age: The United States Navy and NATO 1949-80 Joel J. Sokolsky  42. Securing Europe's Future Edited by Stephen J. Flanagan and Fen Osler Hampson  43. Security and Intelligence in a Changing World: New Perspectives for the 1990s Edited by A. Stuart Farson, David Stafford and Wesley K. Wark  44. The Security Watershed: Russians Debating Defence and Foreign Policy after the Cold War Edited by Alexei G. Arbatov  45. Semialignment and Western Security Edited by Nils Ørvik  46. Soldiers, Peasants, and Bureaucrats: Civil-Military Relations in Communist and Modernizing Societies Edited by Roman Kolkowicz and Andrzej Korbonski  47. Soviet Decisionmaking for National Security Edited by Jiri Valenta and William C. Potter  48. The Soviet Far East Military Buildup: Nuclear Dilemmas and Asian Security Edited by Richard H. Solomon and Masataka Kosaka  49. Soviet Military Doctrine and Western Policy Edited by Gregory Flynn  50. Soviet Military Thinking Edited by Derek Leebaert  51. Soviet National Security Policy Under Perestroika Edited by George E. Hudson  52. Soviet Nationalities in Strategic Perspective Edited by S. Enders Wimbush  53. The Soviet Secret Services Otto Heilbrunn  54. Soviet Strategy Edited by John Baylis and Gerald Segal  55. Soviet Strategy Toward Western Europe Edited by Edwina Moreton and Gerald Segal  56. The Soviet Union and Northern Waters Edited by Clive Archer  57. The Soviet View of War, Peace and Neutrality P.H. Vigor  58. Space Weapons and U.S. Strategy: Origins and Development Paul B. Stares  59. US Troops in Europe Phil Williams  60. The USSR and the Western Alliance Edited by Robbin F. Laird and Susan L. Clark


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