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Routledge Library Editions: Colonialism and Imperialism

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    by Routledge

    Routledge Library Editions: Colonialism and Imperialism is a 51-volume collection of previously out-of-print titles that examine the history, practice and implications of Western colonialism around the globe. From the earliest contact by European explorers to the legacies that remain today, these books look at various aspects of the topic that, taken together, form an essential reference collection. Two of the titles study colonialism in Southeast Asia by non-Western states, and provide a counterpoint in the European-focused study of worldwide colonialism.

    1. A History of Ghana W.E.F. Ward  2. A History of the Georgian People W.E.D. Allen  3. Black Flags in Vietnam: The Story of a Chinese Intervention Henry McAleavy  4. Britain's Army in India James P. Lawford  5. British Colonial Policy in the Age of Peel and Russell W.P. Morrell  6. British Honduras: Past and Present Stephen L. Caiger  7. British Imperialism and Australia, 1783–1833 Brian Fitzpatrick  8. British India's Relations with the Kingdom of Nepal, 1857–1947 Asad Husain  9. British Policy Towards the Indian States 1905–1939 S.R. Ashton  10. The British West Indies: The Search for Self-Government Morley Ayearst  11. Buddhism, Imperialism and War: Burma and Thailand in Modern History Trevor Ling  12. Capitalism and Colonial Production Hamza Alavi, P.L. Burns, G.R. Knight, P.B. Mayer and Doug McEachern  13. Chatham's Colonial Kate Hotblack  14. Clive, Proconsul of India James P. Lawford  15. Colonial Africa A.J. Christopher  16. The Colonial Office Sir Charles Jeffries  17. Colonial Planning: A Comparative Study Barbu Niculescu  18. Colonial Sequence 1930 to 1949 Margery Perham  19. Colonial Sequence 1949 to 1969 Margery Perham  20. Colonialism and Underdevelopment in Ghana Rhoda Howard  21. Crime, Justice and Society in Colonial Sri Lanka John D. Rogers  22. Dual Legacies in the Contemporary Caribbean Edited by Paul Sutton  23. Early Records of British India J. Talboys Wheeler  24. East Africa: A Century of Change 1870–1970 W.E.F. Ward and L.W. White  25. Emergent Africa W.E.F. Ward  26. The English and Colonial Bars in the Nineteenth Century Daniel Duman  27. Fabian Colonial Essays Edited by Rita Hinden  28. The Gambia Colony and Protectorate Francis Bisset Archer  29. Government in West Africa W.E.F. Ward  30. History of Nigeria Sir Alan Burns  31. History of the British West Indies Sir Alan Burns  32. History of the Conquest of Peru William Prescott. New Revised Edition Edited by John Foster Kirk  33. Imperialism and Social Reform Bernard Semmel  34. In Defence of British India: Great Britain in the Middle East, 1775–1842 Edward Ingram  35. James Smith: The Making of a Colonial Culture Lurline Stuart  36. Local Government in West Africa Ronald Wraith  37. Malta and the End of Empire Dennis Austin  38. The Palestinians in Israel: A Study in Internal Colonialism Elia T. Zureik  39. Parliament as an Export Edited by Sir Alan Burns  40. Perspectives on Imperialism and Decolonization Edited by R.F. Holland and G. Rivzi  41.Prelude to Imperialism: British Reactions to Central African Society, 1840–1890 H. Alan C. Cairns  42. Race, Power and Social Segmentation in Colonial Society: Guyana After Slavery, 1838–1891 Brian L. Moore  43. The Ruins of Time: Four and a Half Centuries of Conquest and Discovery Among the Maya David Adamson  44. The Struggle for Asia 1828–1914: A Study in British and Russian Imperialism David Gillard  45. Turning Point in Africa: British Colonial Policy 1938–48 R.D. Pearce  46. The Twilight of European Colonialism Stewart C. Easton  47. Vasco da Gama and his Successors, 1460–1580 K.G. Jayne  48. West Africa: Quest for God and Gold, 1454–1578 John W. Blake  49. Where the Waves Fall: A New South Sea Islands History from First Settlement to Colonial Rule K.R. Howe  50. The World Today W.E.F. Ward  51. The Yoruba-Speaking Peoples of the Slave Coast of West Africa A.B. Ellis