1st Edition

Routledge Library Editions: Development Mini-Set E: Development and the Environment

By Various Authors Copyright 2011

    Routledge Library Editions: Development will re-issue works which address economic, political and social aspects of development. Published over more than four decades these books trace the emergence of development as one of the most important contemporary issues and one of the key areas of study for modern social science. The books cover the most important themes within development and include studies of Latin America, Africa and Asia. Authors include Sir Alexander Cairncross, W. Arthur Lewis, Lord Peter Bauer and Cristobal Kay.

    An extensive collection of previously hard to access or out of print books, this set presents an unrivalled opportunity to build up a wealth of material in the field of development studies, with a particular focus upon economic and political concerns. The volumes in the collection offer both a global overview of the history of development in the twentieth century, and a huge variety of case studies on the development of individual nations.

    Development and the Environmental Crisis RED OR GREEN ALTERNATIVES? INTRODUCTION 1 Political economy and the environment 2 Global resource problems 3 Environmentalism and development 4 Rural poverty and the environment 5 Environmental conflict and development policy in rural Mexico 6 Technology and the control of resources 7 Development and the environment: a converging discourse? AFRICAN ENVIRONMENTS AND RESOURCES: 1 African environments and resources: an overview 2 The African environment: an historical overview 3 The patterns of political change: relationship to the environment 4 Tropical rainforest environments 5 The dry areas 6 The savanna and dry-forest environments 7 The highlands 8 Extratropical and southern Africa 9 Water: a scarce resource 10 Urban and industrial growth 11 Minerals, industry, and the environment 12 Environment and development in Africa: a review and prospect. LEARNING FROM CHINA? Development and environment in Third World countries: Environmental policy in China: a model for Third World Countries? PART I Chinese philosophies and strategies for development 1 On the reactions of Chinese culture against the Western challenge: the other side of modernization 2 The Chinese path to development 3 An essay on reproduction: the example of Xinjiang Uighur 4 Shortage of land resources as a factor in development: the example of the People}s Republic of China PART II Environmental policy and planning 5 The origins of environmental management in China 6 Economic reform and its impact on the environment in China 7 Agriculture and environmental protection in China 8 Rural ecodevelopment policy in China and the origins of economic adjustment 9 Agriculture as a component of China's modernization strategy 10 Energy and environment in China 11 The operational contexts between developmental, environmental, and settlement policies PART III The possibilities and constraints of policy implementation: learning from China 12 The implementation of national environmental policies in developing countries 13 The Natural Resources Program of the United Nations 14 Large-scale biogas technology in China: dissemination among developing countries 15 Biogas in Iran: learning from China? 16 From central provision to local enablement: new directions for housing policies 17 The rural habitat: main focus of appropriate technologies for rural development 18 The environment: what the Powers That Be care two hoots about.


    Multivolume collection by leading authors in the field.