1st Edition

Routledge Library Editions: Econometrics

    5218 Pages
    by Routledge

    Reissuing works originally published between 1929 and 1991, this collection of 17 volumes presents a variety of considerations on Econometrics, from introductions to specific research works on particular industries. With some volumes on models for macroeconomics and international economies, this is a widely interesting set of economic texts. Input/Output methods and databases are looked at in some volumes while others look at Bayesian techniques, linear and non-linear models. This set will be of use to those in industry and business studies, geography and sociology as well as politics and economics.

    1. New Mathematical Advances in Economic Dynamics / Edited by David F. Batten and Paul F. Lesse

    2. ECESIS: An Interregional Economic-Demographic Model of the United States / Paul M. Beaumont

    3. The Use of Economic Statistics / Conrad Alexander Blyth

    4. The Statistical Method in Economics and Political Science: A Treatise on the Quantitative and Institutional Approach to Social and Industrial Problems / Philip Sargant Florence

    5. Input-Output in the United Kingdom: Proceedings of the 1968 Manchester Conference / Edited by Dr. W. F. Gossling

    6. Economic Models and Applications of Solid Waste Management / Hans-Werner Gottinger

    7. Input/Output Databases: Uses in Business and Government / Jay M. Gould

    8. An Introduction to Quantitative Economics / Brian Haines

    9. Applied Discrete-Choice Modelling / David A. Hensher and Lester W. Johnson

    10. Dynamic Linear Economic Models / James L. Kenkel

    11. Specification Analysis in the Linear Model / Edited by Maxwell L. King and David E. A. Giles

    12. Empirical Bayes Methods / J. S. Maritz and T. Lwin

    13. Estimation of M-equation Linear Models Subject to a Constraint on the Endogenous Variables / Charles Stockton Roehrig

    14. A Structural Model of the U.S. Government Securities Market / V. Vance Roley

    15. Mathematical Methods in Economics / Norman Schofield

    16. Understanding Econometrics / Jon Stewart

    17. An Econometric Model of the U.S. Copper and Aluminum Industries: How Cost Changes Affect Substitution and Recycling / Margaret E. Slade


    Various authors who are experts in their fields.