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Routledge Library Editions: German History

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ISBN 9780367028138
Published July 12, 2019 by Routledge
12658 Pages

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Book Description

Originally published between 1929 and 1991 the volumes in this set:

  • Offer a comprehensive and challenging interpretation of the German past
  • Assess Bismarck’s contribution to the German Empire and his legacy for modern Germany
  • Examine the psyche of the Germans and discuss the psychological impact of the Second World War on the Germans
  • Review critically not only the rise and rule of National Socialism, but also the strength of authoritarianism and militarism and the weakness of democracy in 19th Century Germany
  • Examine the inter-relationships between social and economic change on the one hand, and political developments on the other.
  • Analyse the significance of the Zollverein on economic growth
  • Discuss authority and the law in the German Empire and the Weimar Republic.
  • Analyse the contribution of German historians to 20th Century historiography
  • Chart key events in British – German trade rivalry
  • Include archival material from both the former East and West Germany.

Table of Contents

1. Gerhard Benecke Maximilian 1(1459-1519) : an analytical biography 978-0-367-22821-7

2. Edited by Volker R. Berghahn and Martin Kitchen Germany in the age of total war 978-0-367-22846-0

3. Edited by Richard Bessel and Edgar J. Feuchtwanger Social change and political development in Weimar Germany 978-0-367-22864-4

4. S. T. Bindoff The Scheldt Question to 1839 978-0-367-22928-3

5. Jethro Bithell Germany 978-0-367-23027-2

6. Roger Chickering We men who feel most German : a cultural study of the Pan-German League, 1886-1914


7. Friedrich Ludwig Wilhelm Darmstaedter Germany and Europe 978-0-367-23055-5

8. Patrick F. Doran Andrew Mitchell and Anglo-Prussian diplomatic relations during the Seven Years War


9. Geoff Eley From unification to Nazism : reinterpreting the German past 978-0-367-23092-0

10. Herbert Eulenberg. Translated by M. M (Mildred Mary) Bozman The Hohenzollerns 978-0-367-23121-7

11. Edited by Richard J. Evans The German working class 1888-1933 978-0-367-23564-2

12. Adrien Fauchier-Magnan The Small German Courts in The Eighteenth Century 978-0-367-23577-2

13. Fritz Fischer, translated by Roger Fletcher From Kaiserreich to Third Reich : elements of continuity in German history, 1871-1945 978-0-367-23592-5

14. Lothar Gall. Translated J. A. Underwood Bismarck : The White Revolutionary Vol 1 978-0-367-24268-8

15. Lothar Gall. Translated J. A. Underwood Bismarck : The White Revolutionary Vol 2 978-0-367-24328-9

16. Robert S. Garnett Jr. Lion, eagle, and swastika : Bavarian monarchism in Weimar Germany, 1918-1933


17. W. L. Guttsman The German Social Democratic Party, 1875-1933 978-0-367-24351-7

18. J. Haller The Epochs of German History 978-0-367-24366-1

19. John Arkas Hawgood The Evolution of Germany 978-0-367-24376-0

20. Frederick Hertz The Development of the German Public Mind: A Social History of German Political Sentiments Aspirations and Ideas Vol 1 The Middle Ages - The Reformation 978-0-367-24577-1

21. Frederick Hertz The Development of the German Public Mind. A Social History of German Political Sentiments, Aspirations and Ideas: Vol 2 The Age of Englightenment 978-0-367-24579-5

22. Frederick Hertz, edited by Frank Eyck and translated by Eric Northcott The German Public Mind in the Nineteenth Century: A Social History of German Political Sentiments, Aspirations and Ideas Vol 3 978-0-367-24586-3

23. Ross J. S. Hoffman Great Britain and the German trade rivalry, 1875-1914 978-0-367-24592-4

24. J. D Hunley Boom and bust : society and electoral politics in the Düsseldorf area, 1867-1878 978-0-367-24605-1

25. Louis de Jong. Translated by C. M. Geyl The German Fifth Column in the Second World War 978-0-367-24628-0

26. Martin Kitchen The Political Economy of Germany, 1815-1914 978-0-367-24641-9

27. Martin Kitchen The Silent Dictatorship : the Politics of the German High Command under Hindenburg and Ludendorff, 1916-1918 978-0-367-24649-5

28. Edited by Hans Kohn German History 978-0-367-24664-8

29. Ivo Nikolai Lambi The Navy and German Power Politics, 1862-1914 978-0-367-24681-5

30. Stephen C. MacDonald A German revolution : local change and continuity in Prussia, 1918-1920


31. Peter Mendelssohn The Nuremburg Documents. Some aspects of German war policy, 1939-45.


32. Harold Ira Nelson Land and Power 978-0-367-24760-7

33. Peter Phillips The Tragedy of Nazi Germany 978-0-367-24781-2

34. Nicholas Pronay and Keith M. Wilson The Political re-education of Germany and her allies after World War II


35. Agatha Ramm Germany, 1789-1919. A political history 978-0-367-24823-9

36. James S. Roberts Drink, temperance and the working class in nineteenth-century Germany 978-0-367-24832-1

37. Hermann Glaser, translated by Ernest A. Menze The Cultural Roots of National Socialism 978-0-367-24839-0

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