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Routledge Library Editions: Historiography

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    The greatest problem in historical scholarship, theoretically and practically, is the relation between historians and their subject matter. The past is gone and historians can only study its remnants. On what basis do scholars select certain facts from the mass of data left from the past? How do they explain the interrelationship of the facts they select? What criteria do they use to evaluate their subject? The 35 volumes in this set, originally published between 1926 and 1990 discuss and answer these essential questions faced by historians.

    The development of historical understanding during the 18th and 19th centuries was one of the most striking features of Western culture. Both historiography and historical thinking advanced as never before. The historial movment of the 19th century was perhaps second only to the scientific revolution of the seventeenth century in transforming Western thought. One consequence was extensive organisation and professionalization of research, which the volumes in this set reflect.



    1. Foundations of Modern Historical Thought : From Machiavelli to Vico Paul Avis 2. History on the ground Maurice Beresford 3. The Historian's contribution to Anglo-American mis-understanding R. A Billington 4. The Art of History J. B. Black 5. History and Community Florence S. Boos 6. Between Memory and History Marie-Noelle Bourguet; Lucette Valensi, Nathan Wachtel. 7. Historians and the Open Society A. R. Bridbury 8. Studies in the Nature and Teaching of History W. H. Burston and Donald Thompson 9. The Origins of History Herbert Butterfield with an introduction by Adam Watson 10. The Historian at Work John Cannon 11. History and Historical Research C. G. Crump 12. Historicism and Knowledge Robert D'Amico 13. Perspectives on History William Dray 14. The Diversity of History J. H. Elliott and H. G. Koenigsberger 15. Approaches to History H. P. R. Finberg 16. History and Totality John E. Grumley 17. Annalists and Historians Denys Hay 18. A Theory of History Agnes Heller 19. The Critical Historian G. S. R. Kitson Clark 20. Aspects of History and Class Consciousness István Mészáros 21. The Gateway to History Allan Nevins 22. On the Writing of History C.W. Oman 23. The Grand Design of God C. A. Patrides 24. The Use of History A. L. Rowse 25. The Historian and the Climate of Opinion Robert Allen Skotheim 26. History As A Science Hugh Taylor 27. History and Ethnicity Elizabeth Tonkin, Maryon McDonald, Malcolm Chapman 28. The Learning of History D. G. Watts 29. Interpretations of History Alban G. Widgery 30. The Meanings in History Alban G. Widgery 31. History John Higham, Leonard Krieger and Felix Gilbert 32. History and Liberty A. Robert Caponigri 33. Alexandru D. Xenopol and the Development of Romanian Historiography Paul A. Hiemstra 34. History, its Purpose and Method G. J. Renier 35. Gyula Szekfü : a study in the political basis of Hungarian Historiography Irene Raab Epstein