1st Edition

Routledge Library Editions: History of Money, Banking and Finance

    4088 Pages
    by Routledge

    This 14-volume set collects together a series of key titles that provide a wide-ranging analysis of money (A Survey of Primitive Money), banking (Bank Behavior, Regulation and Economic Development) and finance (The Money Market). Other titles expand on these topics, giving both a wider overview and a more detailed snapshot of the subjects covered.

    1. A Survey of Primitive Money: The Beginnings of Currency A. Hingston Quiggin  2. Bank Behavior, Regulation, and Economic Development: California, 1860-1910 Roger C. Lister  3. The Bill on London, or, the Finance of Trade by Bills of Exchange  4. The Emergence of the Trust Company in New York City 1870-1900 H. Peers Brewer  5. An Evaluation of Federal Reserve Policy 1924-1930 Claire Helene Young  6. The Evolution of the Money Market 1385-1915 Ellis T. Powell  7. Federal Reserve Behavior, 1923-1931 Marshall E. McMahon  8. Finance and Trade Under Edward III Edited by George Unwin  9. The Manhattan Company: Managing a Multi-Unit Corporation in New York, 1799-1842 Gregory S. Hunter  10. The Money Market F. Straker  11. The National Banks and American Economic Development, 1870-1900 Helen Hill Updike  12. Reform of the Federal Reserve System in the Early 1930s: The Politics of Money and Banking Sue C. Patrick  13. A Short Fiscal and Financial History of England, 1815-1918 J.F. Rees  14. The Stock Exchange Charles Duguid


    Multivolume collection by leading authors in the field.