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Routledge Library Editions: Housing Policy & Home Ownership

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    by Routledge

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    Originally published between 1961 and 1994, the volumes in this set sit equally comfortably in sociology and geography as well as housing studies. Even though they were published some years ago, their content continues to offer critical engagement with an evolving policy agenda which is even more important in a time of crisis and deeper polarization both nationally and globally as a result of the pandemic.


    • Provide a comprehensive political-economic analysis of the historical origins and 20th Century experience of 19th and 20th Century housing tenure in the UK, France, Germany, the former USSR, Israel, Denmark, Sweden, Hungary, Puerto Rico and the USA.
    • Discuss landlord-tenant relations and the neglect of particular disadvantaged groups such as the elderly, the single homeless and those in low income groups
    • Examine the balance between rehabilitation and redevelopment and the rise and fall of the high-rise flat
    • Cover issues such as rent, rent controls, subsidies and urban renewal
    • Look at the implications of selling council houses and evaluate the impact of the growth of home ownership in the UK
    • Address the practical and political difficulties of devising measures which meet policy objectives.

    1. J. B. Cullingworth Essays on housing policy 978-0-367-67780-0

    2. John Barry Cullingworth Housing and local government in England and Wales 978-0-367-67790-9

    3. Michael Dunn, Marilyn Rawson, Alan Rogers Rural housing : competition and choice 978-0-367-67814-2

    4. Edited by John English The Future of Council Housing 978-0-367-67823-4

    5. Ray Forrest, Alan Murie, Peter Williams Home Ownership 978-0-367-67889-0

    6. Edited by J. S. Fuerst Public housing in Europe and America 978-0-367-67895-1

    7. Chris Hamnett and Bill Randolph Cities Housing and Profits 978-0-367-68211-8

    8. Michael Harloe Private Rented Housing in the United States and Europe 978-0-367-68010-7

    9. Bruce Headey Housing Policy in the Developed Economy 978-0-367-68106-7

    10. A. E. Holmans Housing policy in Britain 978-0-367-68129-6

    11. Sidney Jacobs The right to a decent house 978-0-367-68238-5

    12. Elizabeth Layton Building by Local Authorities 978-0-367-68419-8

    13. Edited by Peter Malpass The Housing Crisis 978-0-367-68274-3

    14. Stephen Merrett State housing in Britain 978-0-367-68553-9

    15. Stephen Merrett with Fred Gray Owner-occupation in Britain 978-0-367-68597-3

    16. Anne Power Property Before People 978-0-367-68450-1

    17. Anne Power Hovels to High Rise 978-0-367-68463-1

    18. Peter Saunders A nation of home owners 978-0-367-68362-7

    19. Andrew D. Thomas Housing and Urban Renewal 978-0-367-68506-5

    20. Ian C. Winter The Radical Home Owner 978-0-367-68530-0


    By various authors who are experts in their areas.