1st Edition

Routledge Library Editions: International Islam

    2686 Pages
    by Routledge

    First published between 1913 and 1994, this 6 volume set examines the history of Islam in a variety of regions across the world. Spanning continents from Africa, to Asia, North America and Europe, and ranging from 19th century ethnographical studies to modern day historical research, these titles not only demonstrate the diversity within this global religion, but also how the study of Islam has changed over time.

    The titles in this set will be of interest to those studying the history of Islam as well as those fascinated by the study of religion and international communities itself.

    1. Spanish Islam Reinhardt Dozy, translated by Francis Griffin Stokes 2. Islam in India Ja'far Sharif, translated by Gerhard Andreas Herklots and edited by William Crooke 3. Islam in Tropical Africa edited by I. M. Lewis 4. Islam in North America: a sourcebook edited by Michael A. Kőszegi and J. Gordon Melton 5. Islam in West Africa Nehemia Levtzion 6. Studies in West African Islamic History : Vol 1 - The Cultivators of Islam John Ralph Willis


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