1st Edition

Routledge Library Editions: International Trade Policy

    9370 Pages
    by Routledge

    This 32 volume set reissues key out-of-print titles that will prove invaluable in understanding the current resurgence of economic nationalism. Covering all aspects of international trade policy, and focusing particularly on tariffs and protectionism, this set will be invaluable to the modern student.

    1. American Business and Foreign Policy: Cases in Coffee and Cocoa Trade Regulation 1961-1974 Joseph Short  2. The American System: Speeches on the Tariff Question and on Internal Improvements Andrew Stewart  3. Britain Under Protection: An Examination of the Government's Protectionist Policy Ranald M. Findlay  4. British Economic Foreign Policy J. Henry Richardson  5. The British Tariff System E.B. McGuire  6. Constraints and Compromises: Trade Policy in a Democracy: The Case of the U.S.-Israel Free Trade Area Orit Frenkel  7. The Contributions of John Maynard Keynes to Foreign Trade Theory and Policy, 1909-1946 Joseph R. Cammarosano  8. Economic Summits and Western Decision-Making Edited by Cesare Merlini  9. The Economics of Export Embargoes: The Case of the US-Soviet Grain Suspension Per Lundborg  10. The Efficacy of Antidumping Duties James M. DeVault  11. Export Dependence versus the New Protectionism: Constraints on Trade Policy in the Industrial World Glenn Randall Fong  12. Global Corporate Strategy and Trade Policy Alan Rugman and Alain Verbeke  13. History of Protective Tariff Laws R.W. Thompson  14. International Trade Policy F.V. Meyer  15. A Model for the Study of International Trade Politics: The United States Business Community and Soviet-American Relations 1975-1976 William F. Kolarik, Jr.  16. National Industrial Strategies and the World Economy Edited by John Pinder  17. National Laws and International Commerce: The Problem of Extraterritoriality Douglas E. Rosenthal and William M. Knighton  18. A National Policy for Organized Free Trade: The Case of U.S. Foreign Trade Policy for Steel, 1976-1978 Michael W. Hodin  19. The Political Economy of Manufacturing Protection: Experiences of ASEAN and Australia Christopher Findlay and Ross Garnaut  20. Politics vs Economics in World Steel Trade Kent Jones  21. Protection or Free Trade: An Examination of the Tariff Question, With Especial Regard to the Interests of Labour Henry George  22. Raw Materials and International Control H.R.G. Greaves  23. Regulatory Theory and its Application to Trade Policy: A Study of ITC Decision-Making, 1975-1985 Wendy L. Hansen  24. Strategic Behavior and the United States Unfair Trade Statutes Jeffrey W. Steagall  25. Tariff Levels and the Economic Unity of Europe: An Examination of Tariff Policy, Export Movements and the Economic Integration of Europe, 1913-1931 H. Liepmann  26. The Tariff Reform Mirage W.E. Dowding  27. The Tariff Reformers Hon. George Peel  28. Trade Policy, Protectionism and the Third World Michael Davenport  29. Trade Protection in the European Community Ludger Schuknecht  30. United States Foreign Economic Policy and the International Capital Markets: The Case of Capital Export Countries, 1963-1974 John A.C. Conybeare  31. U.S. Foreign Economic Policy and the Latin American Debt Issue C. Roe Goddard  32. The Utility of International Economic Sanctions Edited by David Leyton-Brown


    Multivolume collection by leading authors in the field.