1st Edition

Routledge Library Editions: Landmarks in the History of Economic Thought

    4106 Pages
    by Routledge

    Re-issuing 15 seminal volumes in the history of economics, originally published between 1906 and 1983, but which still have enduring validity, the volumes in this set, by Edwin Cannan, Michal Kalecki, Simon Kuznets, Erik Lindahl, A. C. Pigou, Joan Robinson, Friedrich List, Knut Wicksell, Tibor Scitovsky and Jacob Viner discuss and examine:

    • general problems of economics and in particular the theories of production, value, distribution, employment, interest, money, currency, credit and international trade
    • key principles of economics in historical terms
    • Swedish monetary theory
    • major variables significant for the analysis of economic development
    • business cycles
    • origins of social organizations, the development of Robinson Crusoe economies and the conception of property or rightful ownership.


    1. A Review of Economic Theory Edwin Cannan 2. Studies in the Theory of Business Cycles Michael Kalecki 3. Six Lectures on Economic Growth Simon Kuznets 4. Studies in the Theory of Money and Capital Erik Lindahl 5. The Natural System of Political Economy Friedrich List 6. Aspects of British Economic History, 1918-1925 A. C. Pigou 7. Industrial Fluctuations A. C. Pigou 8. Protective and preferential import duties A. C. Pigou 9. History of Monetary and Credit Theory from John Law to the present day Charles Rist 10. Economics: An Awkward Corner Joan Robinson 11. Freedom and Necessity Joan Robinson 12. Money and the Balance of Payments Tibor Scitovsky 13. Value Capital and Rent Knut Wicksell 14. Selected Papers on Economic Theory Knut Wicksell 15. Studies in the Theory of International Trade Jacob Viner


    Multivolume collection by leading authors in the field.