1st Edition

Routledge Library Editions: Logic

    4796 Pages
    by Routledge

    Reissuing works originally published between 1931 and 1990, this set of twenty-four books covers the full range of the philosophy of logic, from introductions to logic, to calculus and mathematical logic, to logic in language and linguistics and logical reasoning in law and ethics. An international array of authors are represented in this comprehensive collection.

    1. An Introduction to Many-valued Logics Robert Ackermann (1967)

    2. Nondeductive Inference Robert Ackermann (1966)

    3. An Introduction to Logic: The Criticism of Arguments Peter Alexander (1969)

    4. The Logical Structure of Science A. Cornelius Benjamin (1936)

    5. The Implications of Induction L. Jonathan Cohen (1970)

    6. Meaning, Quantification, Necessity: Themes in Philosophical Logic Martin Davies (1981)

    7. Quantification Theory J. A. Faris (1964)

    8. Truth-Functional Logic J. A. Faris (1962)

    9. The Logic of Choice: An Investigation of the Concepts of Rule and Rationality Gidon Gottlieb (1968)

    10. Aspects of a Theory of Singular Reference: Prolegomena to a Dialectical Logic of Singular Terms William J. Greenberg (1985)

    11. Elementary Formal Logic: A Programmed Course C. L. Hamblin (1966)

    12. The Elements of Formal Logic G. E. Hughes and D. G. Londey (1965)

    13. Creativity, Imagination, Logic: Meditations for the Eleventh Hour Horace Meyer Kallen (1973)

    14. Topics in Modern Logic D. C. Makinson (1973)

    15. An Introduction to Logic David Mitchell (1962)

    16. The Development of Mathematical Logic P. H. Nidditch (1962)

    17. Words of Power: A Feminist Reading of the History of Logic Andrea Nye (1990)

    18. Concept and Object: The Unity of the Proposition in Logic and Psychology Anthony Palmer (1988)

    19. Presuppostion & Transcendental Inference Humphrey Palmer (1985)

    20. The Logic of Commands Nicholas Rescher (1966)

    21. The Province of Logic: An Interpretation of Certain Parts of Cook Wilson's "Statement and Inference." Richard Robinson (1931)

    22. The Traditional Formal Logic: A Short Account for Students W. A. Sinclair (1937)

    23. Logic in Practice L. Susan Stebbing (1934, 1954)

    24. The Problems of Logic Andrew Paul Ushenko (1941)


    Multivolume collection by leading authors in the field.