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Routledge Library Editions: Marriage 20 Volume Set

    4946 Pages
    by Routledge

    This 20-volume set has titles originally published between 1939 and 1991. It looks at marriage in a broad context from a variety of perspectives, including anthropological, health, historical, psychological, and sociological. Individual titles cover mediation, divorce and separation, marriage guidance, disability, sexual health, along with wider issues such as kinship, wardship, marriage in India and Africa and the subordination of women internationally. This collection is an excellent resource for those interested in the place of marriage in society.

    1. Marital Violence: The Community Response Margaret Borkowski, Mervyn Murch & Val Walker (1983) ISBN 978-1-032-46895-2

    2. Making a Go of It: A Study of Stepfamilies in Sheffield Jacqueline Burgoyne & David Clark (1984) ISBN 978-1-032-47105-1

    3. Handicapped Married Couples: A Welsh Study of Couples Handicapped from Birth by Mental, Physical or Personality Disorder Ann Craft & Michael Craft (1979) ISBN 978-1-032-48116-

    4. Communication, Marital Dispute, and Divorce Mediation William A. Donohue (1991) ISBN 978-1-032-46755-9

    5. The Shaking of the Foundations: Family and Society Ronald Fletcher (1988) ISBN 978-1-032-47048-1

    6. Marriage, Religion and Society: Pattern of Change in an Indian Village Giri Raj Gupta (1974) ISBN 978-1-032-50896-2

    7. Sex Before Marriage Eleanor Hamilton (1971) ISBN 978-1-032-47898-2 (with New Preface)

    8. The Queen's Wards: Wardship and Marriage under Elizabeth I Joel Hurstfield (1973) ISBN 978-1-032-46807-5

    9. Married to Melanesia Muriel Jones (1974) ISBN 978-1-032-48680-2

    10. Sexual Adjustment in Marriage Henry Olsen (1954) ISBN 978-1-032-48465-5

    11. Middle Class African Marriage Christine Oppong (1981) ISBN 978-1-032-51322-5

    12. Conciliation in Separation and Divorce: Finding Common Ground Lisa Parkinson (1986) ISBN 978-1-032-46599-9 (with New Preface)

    13. Marriage: Studies in Emotional Conflict and Growth Lily Pincus (Ed.) (1960) ISBN 978-1-032-49766-2

    14. The Married Homosexual Man: A Psychological Study Michael W. Ross (1983) ISBN 978-1-032-46586-9

    15. Marriage Under Stress: A Comparative Study of Marriage Conciliation Gerald Sanctuary (1968) ISBN 978-1-032-46782-5

    16. Family Life in the Seventeenth Century: The Verneys of Claydon House Miriam Slater (1984) ISBN 978-1-032-46273-8

    17. Women and Marriage in India Paul T. Thomas (1939) ISBN 978-1-032-47291-1

    18. Who Divorces? Barbara Thornes & Jean Collard (1979) ISBN 978-1-032-46998-0

    19. In-Laws and Outlaws: Kinship and Marriage in England Sybil Wolfram (1987) ISBN 978-1-032-46388-9

    20. Of Marriage and the Market: Women's Subordination Internationally and its Lessons Kate Young, Carol Wolkowitz & Roslyn McCullagh (Eds) (1984) ISBN 978-1-032-49878-2


    Multivolume collection by leading authors in the field.